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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

New Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)

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Every 24 calendar months, CFIs must renew their flight instructor certificate. Just as CFIs have to renew their certificate, Gleim must also renew our FAA authorization of your FIRC every 24 months. On June 5, 2017, the FAA approved the latest revisions to the Gleim FIRC.

Gleim was proud to have created the first ever online FIRC and we continue to update the course with new material for instructors to stay current while promoting aviation safety and professionalism.

Numerous enhancements have been made to the FIRC to help you learn more and transfer more knowledge to your students. The new FIRC continues to be the most flexible and convenient CFI renewal available!

What’s new with this FIRC release?

  • 11 Essential study units. Learn the core material per FAA guidelines.
  • 9 Elective study units to customize your course. Choose any 5 electives to study the topics you want to learn more about.
  • New user interface. All new dashboard makes it easy to navigate the course, track your progress, and renew your certificate.
  • New materials to help you stay current and create safer pilots. Know exactly what is new or what has changed in aviation and flight training.
  • New ACR minder. Know which tasks you need to complete for paperless or mail-in certificate renewal.
  • Free course resources. Access more than 70 training and support materials anytime—everything from ACs to WAAS facts!
  • Free TSA training. Meet the initial or annual recurrent FSSA training requirements for instructors and flight school employees.
FIRC Dashboard
New FIRC Dashboard

20 Study Units

Essential Study Units (Complete all 11)

1: Navigating in the 21st Century
2: Flight School Security Awareness
3: Security Related Special Use Airspace
4: Developing a Culture of Safety
5: Safety Trends in General Aviation
6: Avoiding Pilot Deviations
7: FAA Safety Team
8: Regulatory, Policy, and Publications Changes and Updates
9: How to Give an Effective and Useful Flight Review and IPC
10: Professionalism, Ethics, and Mentoring
11: Loss of Control (LOC)

Elective Study Units (Select any 5)

12: Airmen Certification and Practical Test Success
13: Fundamentals of Instructing
14: Flight Information Publications
15: Teaching Aerodynamics
16: Teaching Flight Maneuvers and Procedures
17: Aviation Weather and Weather-Related Decision Making
18: Tropical Weather Flying
19: Sport Pilot
20: The ROTAX 912 Powerplant


You can try Study Units 1 and 2 for free. You’ll even receive a graduation certificate satisfying the annual TSA Flight School Security Awareness training.

Learn more and start your demo of the Flight Instructor Refresher Course here.

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