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Gleim Aviation 2018 Editions Now Available

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Gleim Aviation is proud to announce the release of the 2018 Knowledge Test Prep editions for Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Flight and Ground Instructor, and Fundamentals of Instructing. These new FAA Knowledge Test Prep books are now available. Customers using the Gleim Online Ground School or FAA Test Prep Online have already received their updates. These updates follow the release of the 2018 FAR/AIM and Aviation Weather & Weather Services book (7th ed.) in June.

The August 14 release of Gleim Aviation’s 2018 editions of pilot and instructor training materials is fueled by more than 200 combined years of experience provided by flight instructors, ground instructors, airline pilots, corporate pilots, military pilots, maintenance technicians, and aircraft inspectors. The Gleim Aviation editors and contributors are active pilots and flight instructors who are passionate about helping others reach their aviation goals.

According to Gleim Aviation, the FAA continues to improve airmen testing while removing outdated topics. Changes to any FAA images are included along with associated test question updates in the new material. For example, the FAA issued a new instrument rating test supplement in June, necessitating updates to hundreds of questions in the instrument pilot database. The FAA also removed topics related to weather depiction charts, 4-panel significant weather prognostic charts, area forecasts, and aerobatics.

“Gleim Aviation uniquely positions our team of instructors to be available for answering customer comments, suggestions, and requests for additional training,” said CFII and Gleim Aviation Marketing Specialist Paul Duty. “In addition to rigorous monitoring of FAA and industry updates, we attend meetings and events with the FAA, and our instructors respond to thousands of customer inquiries annually, which also help us improve our products.”

These new editions continue to provide more details to solidify knowledge in students’ long-term memory. Not only does Gleim Aviation explain all the correct answers, discussion of why every incorrect answer is wrong helps students learn more easily. “Plus, we guarantee you will pass your FAA knowledge test with the Gleim Online Ground School,” said Duty.

Gleim Aviation said customers are always encouraged to use the most recent testing materials available. “Our team processes a planeload of product updates every year, so it is important for students to study with current material,” Duty said. Customers with access to online products will receive automatic updates throughout the year. Updates to books can be found at Gleim.com/support/updates/.

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Since 1980, Gleim Aviation’s team of pilots, instructors, writers, designers, and programmers has helped aviators pass millions of FAA knowledge and practical tests using the unique Gleim Knowledge Transfer System. Gleim is an environmentally friendly company headquartered in Gainesville, FL. Learn more at www.GleimAviation.com or call (800) 874-5346, ext. 471.

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