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Gleim Aviation 2019 Editions Now Available

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Gleim Aviation is excited to announce the release of our 2019 Aviation Knowledge Test Prep materials. The changes and updates to our products reflect the FAA’s recent modifications to the Airman Certification Standards (ACS). It is highly recommended that aviation enthusiasts studying to become pilots utilize the latest editions of the Gleim textbooks. Those studying with the Gleim Online Ground School or FAA Test Prep Online already have digital access to the latest, most accurate materials available.

Many of the changes in the new editions are related to the Airman Testing Supplements, which contain the figures and images used during the knowledge tests. Some updates to the Sport, Remote, and Private Pilot test supplements simply remove unnecessary materials. For instance, several figures in the supplements that no longer have corresponding questions have been removed. On the other hand, we have created new sport pilot and private pilot test questions to go with new and updated supplements, such as the weather prognostic chart that changed to a new two-panel chart.

The Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Prep book has also been updated to include an additional appendix with new figures. Figure 51, “Airport Signs,” has been expanded to include more signs, and additional weather charts have been added as well. Gleim has edited existing questions and added new ones to correspond with the updated material.

Minor updates to our Instrument study materials have been made, including the removal of the VOR/DME RNAV topic. We have added new information on the ICAO flight plan form, though it isn’t currently required for domestic use. Our Flight/Ground Instructor and Fundamentals of Instructing materials have also undergone changes to reflect the latest updates.

Our team is still putting the finishing touches on our Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep, which goes on sale in late August. Customers studying to become Airline Transport Pilots will need to wait until late October for the new edition, which will include the new testing supplement that the FAA plans to release in October.

All Gleim study materials are carefully written and edited to include all the information you need to pass your knowledge tests. We do our absolute best to ensure our products are accurate and error-free so that our customers can become safe, competent pilots.

Written by Austin Scott, Marketing Assistant for Gleim Aviation

About Gleim Aviation

Since 1980, Gleim Aviation’s team of pilots, instructors, writers, designers, and programmers has helped aviators pass millions of FAA knowledge and practical tests using the unique Gleim Knowledge Transfer System. Gleim is an environmentally-friendly company headquartered in Gainesville, FL.

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