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Tips for Choosing the Best Online Tools for Stress-Free Studying

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Preparing for a pilot certification test can be stressful, but choosing exam preparation shouldn’t be. The team at Gleim Aviation designs exam preparation materials and supplements to prepare candidates for success. Here are some tips for choosing the best option for stress-free study!

Gleim is proud to offer Online Ground School and FAA Test Prep Online for these pilot ratings: Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight and Ground Instructor, ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), and Flight Engineer. You might be wondering which study method is right for me? Or asking yourself if you should use both. Let’s break down the differences between Online Ground School and Test Prep to help optimize your studies.

Online Ground School

  • Comprehensive Information: Our most extensive flight knowledge for each specific certificate or rating – for candidates who want to take a deep dive into each topic for maximum understanding of the materials.
  • Guided Progress: Online Ground School is designed to act as the ground school portion of your flight training. For this reason, each topic is organized into units and subunits to break down the components into easy-to-understand building blocks while ensuring all material is covered. You will be tested on your knowledge for each unit before you can move to the next unit. This is intended to ensure you master the information for each topic without simply memorizing test questions and answers.
  • Gleim Guarantee: When you complete the Online Ground School course satisfactorily, we guarantee that you will pass your FAA knowledge test on the first try or we will refund your purchase price and you’ll keep your course access.

FAA Test Prep Online

  • Pass the FAA Knowledge Test: The Test Prep Online provides access to the knowledge transfer outlines and gives you the ability to create custom practice quizzes and exams to pass the knowledge test.
  • Self-study: Unlike a guided course, the Test Prep Online requires diligent self-study to ensure you have covered all the material you need to pass.
  • Performance Tracking: Using your personal performance history, you can review your practice results to hone in and improve your weaker areas.
  • Time Saving: Test Prep Online tracks progress and performance history so candidates can identify their weaker areas and save time by skipping over areas they have already mastered.

Sample Test Prep Online Performance Graphs

Best of Both Worlds

  • Realistic Exam Emulation: For candidates who want to perfect their test-taking skills, both the Online Ground School and Test Prep Online mirror the interface that you will encounter at the FAA test center.
  • Endorsement included: Both methods can provide the endorsement (authorization) you need to take the FAA knowledge test, when applicable.

Instructor Recommendation

Online Ground School and Test Prep Online are designed to complement one another. When used in tandem you will master the course material and have ultimate access to our FAA exam questions and practice tests. If you are doing most of your study on your own or really want to ensure you are fully prepared for the exam, use both. Online Ground School covers all the fundamentals required to learn the material for the knowledge test and become a safe, competent pilot. Test Prep Online gives you the flexibility to practice as much as you want with custom quizzes and performance analysis tools but requires more diligence to cover all the material.

Get all that and a flight bag with our kits! Every Gleim pilot kit contains the Test Prep Online. Our Deluxe pilot kits also include the Online Ground School. More information can be found by checking out the specific Online Ground School or FAA Test Prep Online for each rating.

If you still have questions, please contact us online or reach out to our team of Aviation Training Consultants at 800.874.5346, ext. 471, and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique training needs.



Written by Callie Wilkes, Aviation Marketing Coordinator for Gleim Aviation

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