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12 Days of Flight Sim: Logitech Pro Flight Radio Panel

News > 12 Days of Flight Sim: Logitech Pro Flight Radio Panel

Pilots use a multitude of dials and knobs to change settings on radios, talk with Air Traffic Control, and navigate the aircraft, but these functions can be challenging to integrate into flight simulation without the proper hardware. Instead of trying to adjust the equipment depicted on screen using clunky mouse clicks or keyboard controls, you can use real buttons and knobs just like in an actual aircraft with the Logitech Pro Flight Radio Panel. Communication radios, navigation frequencies, and transponder codes can be set with a simple twist.

The Pro Flight Radio Panel includes four LED multi-purpose displays to control your choice of COM 1/2, NAV 1/2, DME, ADF, and transponder functions. Each display works in real-time so changes made on the panel are reflected immediately. You can even set communication and navigation frequencies as standby or active and swap them with a push of a button, just like in an actual aircraft. The Pro Flight Radio Panel offers flexible mounting solutions that integrate directly with other Logitech G components or your Gleim Virtual Cockpit.

This is an essential item if your goal is to emulate real flight, and it is perfect for practicing actual flight procedures in a simulator.

Written by Karl Winters, Gleim Aviation Editor and Instructor

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