If you are looking to add a versatile accessory to your flight simulator, this is it. The Logitech Pro Flight Switch Controller controls landing gear, lights, engine ignition, and other important aircraft functions all from one compact unit. A five-position magneto switch allows you to realistically start the aircraft engine, and thirteen rocker switches enable you to manipulate various aircraft systems and lights. A landing gear lever gives the satisfaction of cycling the plane’s landing gear up or down with an actual control lever. In addition, three colored LEDs indicate the landing gear’s position.

The Logitech Pro Flight Switch Controller is perfect for adding additional realism and customization to a flight simulator. It gives you everything needed to go from a cold engine and dark cockpit to ready for takeoff. You can run checklists and physically touch the switch for each item. With easy mounting and simple installation, this is the next piece of equipment needed to enhance your simulator.

Written by Karl Winters, Gleim Aviation Editor and Instructor