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12 Days of Flight Sim: Logitech Pro Flight Autopilot Multi Panel

News > 12 Days of Flight Sim: Logitech Pro Flight Autopilot Multi Panel

Are you feeling overworked in the simulator? Reduce pilot workload with the Logitech Pro Flight Autopilot Multi Panel. This fully functioning autopilot control panel allows you to manage the flight deck just like the pros. The LED display integrates seamlessly with the flight simulator software so that any changes made with the panel are immediately reflected onscreen. Simply select the desired heading, altitude, climb/descent rate, or course, and the autopilot will take you there.

The Autopilot Multi Panel is a perfect tool to build proficiency with the autopilot in your aircraft. Automation management is essential so you can divide your attention between the various tasks that add to your workload as a pilot. Whether you are briefing an approach, communicating with ATC, or checking the weather, automation can help you become a better pilot. A flap switch and a manual trim wheel are also included with the autopilot panel, offering even greater control and additional realism.

This panel, easily mounted along with the other Logitech accessories, creates an efficient and manageable cockpit necessary for advanced simulator training.

Written by Karl Winters, Gleim Aviation Editor and Instructor

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