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12 Days of Flight Sim: Logitech Pro Flight Multi-Instrument Panel

News > 12 Days of Flight Sim: Logitech Pro Flight Multi-Instrument Panel

Although the simulator screen can display all of the necessary instruments, many flight simulator enthusiasts would rather have a dedicated display for each instrument, just like in a real airplane. For a truly dynamic flight simulator experience, consider adding the Logitech Pro Flight Multi-Instrument Panel to display your flight instruments.

With the capability to display any of fifteen different instruments, the Multi-Instrument Panel enables you to build your flight deck exactly the way you want it. Whether you just need one display to show a single instrument or want to create an entire panel of instruments, the multi-instrument panel can give you exactly what you need. It is also conveniently sized so that one or more panels easily integrate into your flight simulator cockpit with the other Logitech flight simulator accessories.

Multi-Instrument Panels are designed to be stacked or placed side-by-side and attach to one another. They can even be mounted directly to other Logitech G simulator components and the Gleim Virtual Cockpit. Pick one or more up today to add another layer of realism to your flight simulator setup.

Written by Karl Winters, Gleim Aviation Editor and Instructor

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