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The Future of Education Technology [Conference] is Brighter with Aviation

News > The Future of Education Technology [Conference] is Brighter with Aviation
A teacher uses the Gleim Virtual Cockpit™ to learn about aircraft control and the fundamentals of flight with Gleim Chief Instructor, Paul Duty.

Orlando, FL – Educators from around the world attended the 39th Future of Education Technology Conference, which was held January 27-30, 2019. Conference goers marveled at the latest technology on display to incorporate in the classroom. Smart boards, 3D printers, robots, software, and countless hands-on STEM activities were on display, all designed to streamline life in the classroom and inspire students.

Gleim Aviation attended the conference for the first time to introduce aviation education to schools looking for new opportunities in career technology education (CTE). Teachers browsed the aviation training resources and had the opportunity to experience the magic of flight at the controls of the Gleim Virtual Cockpit™. Educators, administrators, and ed-tech professionals were eager to try their hand at flying an airplane, most for the first time.

Aviation in the classroom is not new, but with the extraordinary career opportunities in the aviation industry, there is tremendous interest in adding new aviation courses to schools. Careers are booming for commercial and drone pilots, maintenance technicians, and flight instructors.

Educators who are interested in teaching aviation and need a higher level of familiarity and understanding can become Advanced Ground Instructors. Teachers can complete the Gleim Advanced Ground Instructor Online Ground School to easily pass an FAA knowledge exam without any prior aviation experience. This study resource can be accessed entirely online and can be completed in about 35-40 hours. This makes the course a great option for professional development for anyone who is interested in teaching aviation without having to become a pilot or flight instructor.

For those interested in learning more about Gleim Aviation online courses that can be used for professional development, check out this video highlighting options for STEM Aviation educators:

The conference also had extensive information and exhibitors for educators, administrators, and information technology professionals. With 400 exhibitors and more than 170 workshops, there was no shortage of things to learn and see for the nearly 10,000 attendees.

Are you interested in attending the Future of Education Technology Conference? Save the date for next year’s conference, January 14-17, 2020, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

For more information about STEM Aviation education, visit the Gleim STEM Resource Hub.

Written by Callie Wilkes, Gleim Aviation Marketing & STEM Coordinator

A group of FETC attendees gather around the Gleim Virtual Cockpit™, waiting for an opportunity to take a test flight.

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