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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

Gleim Takes on the Seas with the New Private Pirate Knowledge Test Prep

News > Gleim Takes on the Seas with the New Private Pirate Knowledge Test Prep

Gleim | Maritime Private Pirate Knowledge Test Prep

Havin’ mastered th’ skies, th’ Gleim team be ready t’ loot on th’ seas! We be thrilled t’ debut th’ all-new Gleim | Maritime product line wit’ th’ introduction o’ th’ Gleim Private Pirate USCG Knowledge Test Prep book.

Additional new loot comin’ soon include th’ Online Wave Pool. In true form t’ th’ legacy o’ th’ Gleim red books, all o’ th’ riddles in our test banks ‘ave detailed answer explanations fer both th’ correct ‘n incorrect answer choices, so ye will ne’er be left wonderin’ how we arrived at a specific answer. Arrrrditionally, we guarrrrantee ye will pass yer knowledge test wit’ th’ Gleim Online Wave Pool.

Learn to Float Booklet

Fer those jus’ considerin’ gettin’ into nautical navigation, ye will wants t’ review one o’ our Learn t’ Float booklets. Ye will be introduced t’ th’ process o’ becomin’ th’ cap’n o’ yer mighty owns vessel ‘n learn more about boater safety.

Fer th’ landlubbers, th’ Gleim Remote Boat series be right fer ye! Keep yer feet firmly planted on th’ shore while yer remotely controlled watercraft navigates th’ seven seas. Remote boatin’ has been all th’ rage since th’ new maritime regulations went into effect.

This new series has been created in accordance wit’ th’ latest Floater Certification Standards ‘n th’ USCG Test Supplements images ‘n figures.

We hope ye enjoyed learnin’ about th’ Gleim Private Pirate Series, but seriously, if ye would like t’ combine yer love o’ th’ air wit’ th’ seas, be sure t’ check out th’ newly updated Gleim Seaplane Add-on Ratin’ Course.

T’ order Gleim Aviation or Gleim Maritime trainin’ materials, contact our crew o’ Trainin’ Consultants at 800-874-5346, ext. 471 or shop online!

We look fore t’ seein’ ye at Sun n Fun, April 2-7, 2019 in Lakeland, FL. Ye can find us in Hangar C, booth 37/38.

Written by Paul Duty, Gleim Chief Pirate ‘n Product Manager

Gleim | Maritime Private Pirate Kit


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