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The 2nd Annual FlightSimExpo is Next Weekend in Orlando

News > The 2nd Annual FlightSimExpo is Next Weekend in Orlando

There is no doubt that flight simulation is changing the landscape of aviation training. Pilot training has become more practical, with unprecedented progress in student preparation. Gone are the days when students and instructors simply talked about common errors and potential mishaps too dangerous to practice in an airplane. Flight simulation takes the fundamentals learned in ground school even further by enabling us to demonstrate procedures and scenarios in a safe, controlled environment. While that’s great news in and of itself, it gets better. Flight simulation is not just for the airlines or elite flight schools. Advancements in desktop simulation bring the latest training aids to your home and local classroom.

If you want to learn about the latest technology in simulation, take a test flight in a simulator, or discover how to use flight simulation at home or in the classroom, make plans to attend the 2nd annual FlightSimExpo. The event is June 7-9 in Orlando, Florida. The Expo brings together all types of aviators, from flight sim and aviation enthusiasts, to pilots, air traffic controllers, FAA officials, and the industry’s leading software and hardware developers. Gleim Aviation will be exhibiting this year, and we encourage anyone with an interest in aviation to attend. Whether you’re an aviation teacher or a student, don’t miss your opportunity to grab tickets (we have a special discount code for you!) before they sell out.

So why all the fuss about FlightSimExpo 2019? Last year’s event reached maximum capacity with more than 1,100 attendees. The event organizers added more capacity and expect even more attendees to arrive this year at the new venue – the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. Truly an event like no other, here are four great reasons why you should join us at the Expo next week:

1) Gleim Aviation will announce exciting new products!

As promised, we will be unveiling a new program that flight schools, CFIs, and teachers will not want to miss. The Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course is getting a highly anticipated update for flight schools, collegiate programs, and STEM programs. Don’t miss the official release announcement during the Gleim Aviation presentation on Saturday, June 8th, from 3:05 to 3:35.

Gleim Aviation has also partnered with Flight Velocity for a new endeavor to make your experience in the Gleim Virtual Cockpit™ even more realistic. Flight Velocity and Gleim aim to provide our flight-sim users with the best and most affordable avionics panel option to incorporate into the Gleim Virtual Cockpit. This new feature will be offered with attractive pricing and room to directly mount the Logitech yoke and throttle quadrant, flight instruments, radios, switch panels, autopilot, and more to the Gleim Virtual Cockpit!

Because the design is 100% compatible with flight simulator products from Logitech (Saitek), it is a perfect pairing for those who want to enhance the simulator display and interactive capabilities of the Gleim Virtual Cockpit. Come to booth 209 to be the first to try this custom add-on!

If you haven’t tried the Gleim Virtual Cockpit before, or if you’d like to fly it again, be sure to visit us in the exhibit hall. The Gleim Virtual Cockpit Ultimate Set consists of a state-of-the-art turn-key system, including a full simulator chassis, custom X-Force PC, triple 27 monitors, flight controls, gaming chair, and all the hardware to create an immersive experience. The system is VR ready and compatible with nearly all peripherals and accessories to outfit your panel.

The Gleim Virtual Cockpit was designed by the leaders in flight training at Gleim Aviation, so you can rest assured that this system is the perfect setup for pilots training at all levels of VFR and IFR certification. Plus, you can try out the exclusive Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course. Based on our Private Pilot syllabus, this course is the only completely interactive, self-contained training program available. Student pilots using the Gleim pilot training resources have complete access to everything needed to prepare for both ground and flight training. It’s all about being a safe, competent, and confident pilot!

2) Tons of informative presentations and hands-on exhibits!

FlightSimExpo will have educational opportunities for both new and experienced attendees. Pilots can learn how to incorporate flight simulation to enhance flight training, proficiency, and safety. Gleim Aviation will host a presentation highlighting the exciting opportunities in aviation, including how you can leverage simulation to expand your horizons as a community partner. Seminars will take place next to the exhibit hall throughout the event. Don’t miss the many presentations and panels, including ones by YouTube content creators such as FlightChops, flight simulation developers, airline personnel, FAA officials, and more during three days of back-to-back seminars!

Gleim Aviation will be presenting on Saturday, June 8th, from 3:05 to 3:35 – all are invited to attend!

3) Networking opportunities abound.

Whether you’re a professional pilot or an aviation enthusiast, you will enjoy the many opportunities to meet others who are passionate about simulation. You can meet with airline pilots, flight dispatchers, simulation enthusiasts, virtual air traffic controllers, and flight simulation developers. Test the latest high-tech equipment and peripherals while networking with the simulation community from around the world.

Students can meet with representatives from the Republic Airways Lift Academy to learn about training and guaranteed job options with regional airlines, talk with NATCA about careers in air traffic control, and connect with more than 60 other high-tech exhibitors at the event.

On the expo floor, hardware and software companies will be showcasing their products and services. Attendees will be able to try simulators and new products from developers across the industry, meet FAA air traffic controllers, and learn about local non-profit aviation organizations. We will be exhibiting alongside more than 60 other flight sim industry leaders, such as X-Plane, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and many others.

4) Gleim is offering special discounted ticket prices!

Flight school personnel and students can save up to 50% off the retail ticket price! Use code GleimSim to save $40 off FlightSimExpo registration here.

Students and teachers with Florida school identification can attend FlightSimExpo 2019 for just $20 ($60 off the retail rate). Use code GleimSTEM to take advantage of this offer and register here.

Registration for FlightSimExpo includes a free, six-month membership to the EAA. This membership provides free access to six editions of EAA Sport Aviation Magazine, local EAA chapters, and more than 300 museums, as well as discounted attendance at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Everyone attending will get some Gleim swag!

You may still be able to take advantage of travel discounts to save on hotels and flights. Learn more and view the complete FlightSimExpo 2019 schedule and event layout here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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