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AvLearn: Must-Have Testing Management Solution for Educators

News > AvLearn: Must-Have Testing Management Solution for Educators

Are you a flight school operator or aviation instructor preparing multiple students for FAA knowledge tests? Gleim Aviation has launched a new solution to help ease your test prep woes and manage student testing and evaluation: AvLearn. AvLearn is the premier testing management solution for universities, flight schools, training centers, and high schools. With AvLearn, instructors can create custom quizzes by selecting specific subject matter topics from each of the Gleim FAA Knowledge Test Prep databases. Assessments you create can then be administered online or printed for classroom use.

AvLearn provides access to online student testing management. Students can practice the FAA tests at their training facility, school, or home for any pilot or aviation maintenance certificate or rating we offer, including Sport Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot, Remote Pilot, and AMT (General, Airframe, Powerplant, and IA). One of the best features of AvLearn is the flexibility you have when creating tests and quizzes.

Designing assessments is as easy as following a series of simple prompts:

  • Select the topics for the questions pool

  • Choose your questions (or let our software pick them)

  • Choose the number of questions

  • Randomize or standardize the questions for each student

  • Choose how many attempts a student receives for each quiz

  • Set the time limits, start and end dates

  • Schedule tests and quizzes in advance

Custom assessment quizzes can be created and administered on your schedule.

You can also determine when or if each student can view the correct answers. For example, if 10 students are taking the same 10-question quiz, you can set a time limit of one hour to complete the quiz and choose whether or not to reveal the correct answers right away or after all students have finished it, ensuring testing integrity.

Once your students complete an assessment, you can access detailed reports about each student’s performance, group performance, or question performance. If, for example, a lot of students are missing the same type of question, these reports can help you identify which topics require more review.

One of the biggest advantages of using AvLearn is the time savings. You save valuable time by quickly creating and grading assignments and analyzing performance trends.

The Gleim AvLearn tool lets you easily create assessments, schedule testing windows, and manage your grade book. Plus, this tool isn’t just for educators! When students complete their assignments in AvLearn, they can access our detailed answer explanations to better understand the concepts they need to review. You can even export grades to your own grade book or learning management system. As you can see, we’ve designed this tool to be extremely user-friendly.

How do you know if AvLearn is right for you?

  1. Do you have more than one student preparing for an FAA knowledge test?

  2. Do you need access to one or more of the Gleim FAA Knowledge Test Prep databases?

  3. Do you want to provide the most comprehensive test preparation materials for your students?

  4. Do you want to easily create, administer, and view results of student tests and quizzes?

Choosing topics for evaluation is easy by selecting from the Gleim study unit and sub-units.

Gleim helps students attain higher levels of knowledge (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) while learning concepts and problem-solving techniques. Our mission is to maximize knowledge transfer while minimizing time, frustration, and cost. The unique Gleim Knowledge Transfer System is highly recommended by top flight schools due to our comprehensive course content, detailed answer explanations, and exceptional customer support.

Find more information about AvLearn here. To set up your AvLearn account, ask question, or try out a demo, contact an Aviation Training Consultant at 800.874.5346, ext. 471, or submit a call back request here.

Written by Callie Wilkes, Gleim Aviation Marketing & STEM Coordinator

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