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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

Gleim Aviation 2020 Editions Now Available

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Gleim Aviation is excited to announce the release of our 2020 aviation knowledge test prep materials for sport, private, instrument, commercial, and flight/ground instructors, plus the latest FAR/AIM. The changes and updates to our products reflect the most recent FAA testing updates.

It is highly recommended that aviation enthusiasts studying to become pilots utilize the latest editions of the Gleim textbooks; however, those studying with the Gleim Online Ground School or FAA Test Prep Online already have digital access to the latest, most accurate materials available. The team of flight instructors, editors, and developers at Gleim update our online products in a timely manner in accordance with all available information we receive from the FAA along with customer feedback.

2020 Books Now Available
Private Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
Fundamentals of Instructing Knowledge Test Prep
Flight and Ground Instructor Knowledge Test Prep
Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Prep (shipping Aug 5)

Coming Soon: Airline Transport Pilot Knowledge Test Prep (early September)

All of the questions in our test banks have detailed answer explanations for both the correct and incorrect answer choices, so you will never be left wondering how we arrived at a specific answer. Plus, we guarantee you will pass† your FAA knowledge test with the Gleim Online Ground School.

Several major updates include:

  • Consolidated airspace training materials making it easier to learn and understand various classifications and special use airspace.
  • Revised basic VFR weather minimums content.
  • Restructured medical certification content and added new questions about BasicMed.
  • Added new questions and made numerous revisions per FAA changes.
  • Removed outdated questions due to changes in the flying environment.

Additionally, new information covering ICAO flight plans has been added where appropriate in anticipation of the mandatory use of the FAA International Flight Plan form 7233-4 which goes into effect August 27 for domestic as well as international use. More information will be available regarding ICAO flight plans soon.

If you already have access to one or more of our online courses, updates will be received automatically. You will be notified of the updates in your personal classroom.

Our team is still putting the finishing touches on our Airline Transport Pilot Knowledge Test Prep, which will be available in early September. The new edition will be an overhaul which will include the new testing supplement as well as numerous revised and removed topics based on FAA-directed figure changes or removals.

All Gleim study materials are carefully written and edited to include all the information you need to pass your knowledge tests. We do our absolute best to ensure our products are accurate and error-free so that our customers can become safe pilots affordably and without frustration.

To order new book editions, please contact our team of Aviation Training Consultants at 800-874-5346, ext. 471, or shop online.

Written by Paul Duty, Gleim Aviation Product Manager and Chief Instructor

†Pass your knowledge test on your first attempt or we will refund the cost of the Gleim Online Ground School. Offer available only for purchases made directly from Gleim.

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