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Airline Transport Pilot (2020 Edition) Now Available with Significant Updates

News > Airline Transport Pilot (2020 Edition) Now Available with Significant Updates

We are excited to announce the availability of the 2020 edition of the Gleim Aviation Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) training materials!

The FAA released a new testing supplement this year, a welcome change from the previous supplement, which required looking for figures in three rounds of revision books. Dozens of outdated figures have finally been removed, making it easier to look them up when taking your knowledge test. Additionally, the low resolution images have been updated to high-quality charts, tables, graphs, and images.

Since the new supplement is already in effect, we recommend using the latest Gleim materials to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Test. If you’re studying with the Gleim Online Ground School or FAA Test Prep Online, your online access has already been automatically updated to the newest version, giving you the latest, most accurate materials available.

Success Tip: The new supplement contains 72 legends. These legends include a number of resources that you can use to look up answers for many of the questions on your test. All legends are available for reference in the Gleim ATP training materials. There are 7 categories:

  1. Chart Supplement Abbreviations
  2. Airport/Facility Directory
  3. U.S. Terminal Procedures
  4. Explanation of IFR Enroute Terms
  5. IFR Enroute Low/High Altitude Symbols
  6. Airport Signs and Markings
  7. Rate of Climb/Descent Table

The 2020 edition includes revisions in every study unit. Major updates are highlighted below. A complete change log is available here.

  • Study Unit 1: Figure updates; revised, added, and removed definitions; updated references.
  • Study Unit 2: Figure updates, moved hazmat materials to an appendix, new Part 91 regulatory content, moved airspace questions to Study Unit 6.
  • Study Unit 3: Aligned content with current regulations, added new questions.
  • Study Unit 4: Figure updates, added and removed Part 135 regulations, added new question.
  • Study Unit 5: Figure updates; numerous multiple-choice question updates, additions, and deletions.
  • Study Unit 6: Figure updates, combined Subunits 1 & 2, added airspace questions from Study Unit 2.
  • Study Unit 7: Figure updates.
  • Study Unit 8: Figure updates; numerous multiple-choice question updates, additions, and deletions.
  • Study Unit 9: Changed questions to accommodate deletion of the “Flight Plan” data from the new ATP Testing Supplement.
  • Study Unit 10: Figure updates, replaced “Beech 1900” or “BE-1900” with “Commuter Aircraft,” or abbreviated as “AC.”
  • Study Unit 11: Figure updates, changed all instances of “DC-9” to “Transport Aircraft 1,” question updates.
  • Study Unit 12: Figure updates, changed all instances of “B-737” to “Transport Aircraft 2,” question updates, added new questions.
  • Study Unit 13: Figure updates, added new outline content, question updates, added new questions.
  • Study Unit 14: Figure updates, removed 3 figures, question updates.
  • Study Unit 15: Editorial updates only.
  • Study Unit 16: Figure updates; added new outline content; revised, added, and removed questions.
  • Study Unit 17: Updated figure number, added and revised questions.
  • Study Unit 18: Added new outline content; added, removed, and revised questions.
  • Study Unit 19: Editorial updates only.
  • Appendixes: Updated legends.

What is an ATP-CTP course?

To be eligible to take the ATP multi-engine airplane FAA Knowledge Test (FAA test code ATM), you must receive a graduation certificate from an ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP) training provider. These providers cover the requirements of 14 CFR 61.156, including 30 hours of ground instruction and 10 hours of simulator instruction. At least 6 hours will be accomplished in a Level C full flight simulator (FFS).

The ATP-CTP course meets the minimum FAA academic training requirements, much like a ground school. To focus strictly on test preparation, Gleim Aviation prepares you for the knowledge test quickly and efficiently. A list of Gleim partnered ATP-CTP providers can be found here. These ATP-CTP courses use the Gleim ATP training products, meaning that all materials seamlessly blend together to decrease study time while increasing knowledge retention.

What about ATP single-engine airplane?

The ATP-CTP course is not required for the ATP single-engine FAA Knowledge Test (FAA test code ATS). In 2018, only 54 people attempted the ATS test, of which 94.44% passed on their first attempt with an average score of 81.54%.

In comparison, 6,605 people attempted the ATP multi-engine test in 2018. Of these, 99.33% passed on their first try with an average score of 91.9%. Students using the Gleim Online Ground School consistently demonstrate pass rates well in excess of 99% at all levels of certification.

Additional training and preparation clearly make a difference, along with more rigorous study methods.

Do I need an instructor sign-off to take the ATP practical test?

An instructor endorsement is not required to take the ATP practical test, unless the applicant has previously failed and is retesting. However, flight training with an experienced CFI or ATP is recommended to ensure proficiency meets or exceeds FAA requirements.

All Gleim study materials are carefully written and constantly updated to include all the information you need to pass your knowledge tests. We do our absolute best to ensure our products are accurate and error-free so that you can become a safe, competent pilot.

The Gleim ATP eBook online is available to purchase now. The printed book is expected to be available by the end of September. All ATP exam prep materials, including Test Prep Online and Online Ground School, can be purchased from our online product catalog or by contacting a Gleim Aviation Training Consultant at 800.874.5346, ext. 471.

Written by Paul Duty, Gleim Chief Instructor and Aviation Product Manager.

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