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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346
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Flight simulation has become a critical component of primary flight training. Simulators help pilots complete their flight training faster and they tend to learn more about their aircraft, systems, procedures, and maneuvers. This all helps students become safer pilots while also saving money. To help pilots-in-training, Gleim launched the X-Plane Flight Training Course in 2015 which revolutionized the way students learn how to fly. This was the very first fully interactive, simulator training course for private pilot students.This Gleim course has been enjoyed so much that we’ve been asked to do more and more with flight simulation. In the years since the course released, we launched the Gleim Virtual Cockpit simulator chassis, then we expanded that to the Ultimate set, which is a complete, turn-key aviation training aid. Now, we are taking Gleim flight simulation to the next level!

Introducing the Gleim Virtual Cockpit® BATD. The first and only FAA-approved aviation training device built with the cutting edge X-Plane 11 flight sim engine. This is an all-in-one, plug and play system purpose-built for training and to increase your proficiency.

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Training for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Maintain Instrument Currency

You can use the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD to develop or maintain proficiency with extremely accurate flight modeling based on the most popular training aircraft in the world, the Cessna 172. That means you can complete your training for private pilot and your instrument rating in fewer flight hours. You can even use the system to maintain your instrument currency in accordance with 14 CFR 61.57.

  • Credit Time Toward Private and Instrument Training
  • Learn Procedures to Build VFR and IFR Proficiency
  • Maintain Instrument Recent Flight Experience

Panoramic perspective displays
Touchscreen instrument panel
High-quality peripherals

Global navigation database
Instructor operating station
Ergonomically-designed chassis

Fly Anywhere — Learn Everything

The Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD will simulate a traditional instrument panel with analog gauges and a modern technically advanced aircraft flight deck. The navigation database will let you fly anywhere in the world, with more than 14,000 airports and 33,000 instrument approaches.

The Gleim Virtual Cockpit is a truly remarkable system. The base model is already used by hundreds of pilots-in-training and it has been adopted by high school STEM aviation programs, collegiate aviation programs, and flight schools around the world. Now that the system is FAA-approved, you can use the system to log time while building proficiency and maintaining currency. Plus you can use the system every day. It doesn’t matter what the weather conditions are outside, or whatever else might prevent you from flying.

Cost effective training solutions are now available. Learn more about the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD, or contact an Aviation Training Consultant at 800-874-5346, ext. 471. We hope to see you in your own Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD captain’s seat soon!

Written by: Paul Duty (CFI, CFII, AGI, Remote Pilot), Gleim Aviation Product Manager

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