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Gleim Virtual Cockpit®️ BATD Instructor Operating Station

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Gleim recently launched the FAA-approved Gleim Virtual Cockpit®️ BATD. In only a month, Gleim has already delivered the simulator to flight schools, high school STEM education programs, student pilots, simulation enthusiasts, and government agencies in every corner of the United States and internationally who have found the system to compliment their training needs.

The powerful simulator includes a panoramic triple-display for realistic 180° views and a fully functional touchscreen instrument panel for pilots to interact with the flight deck and the flying environment. Since teaching requires both a learner and an instructor, Gleim also put a significant effort into improving the experience for educators with an easy to use Instructor Operating Station for the Gleim Virtual Cockpit®️ BATD.

The Instructor Operation Station (IOS) was developed with the aviation educator in mind. The IOS includes an array of features that can be utilized to get the best simulation experience for both the student and the instructor. These features include aircraft selection, precise location selection, and comprehensive weather adjustments. The location can be set to start the plane on the ground or in the air by clicking on a map, selecting an airport and specific runway, waypoint, NAVAID, or approach.

System failures are also easy to engage and are organized into 4 simple categories – engine, instruments, systems, and avionics. The flying environment can be easily manipulated “on the fly” using the weather menu. Presets for these features can be saved under “Favorites” allowing the instructor to select their favorite activities with a single click.

The IOS also includes in-depth flight monitoring which displays flight data and telemetry on a single screen. The data is extensive and includes terrain levels, flap deployment, landing gear position, flight path, engine data, and more. Finally, instructors have the ability to record and review each flight on the IOS to review the activity with the student in the debrief.

For an in-depth description of the features and functions of the IOS, view the video below presented by Paul Duty, Chief Instructor at Gleim, as he walks you through the operations of the system.

Learn more about the Gleim Virtual Cockpit®️ BATD online or contact our team of Aviation Training Consultants at 800-874-5346, ext. 471.

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