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Gleim Launches Newly Designed Online Ground School

News > Gleim Launches Newly Designed Online Ground School

Since 1980, Gleim has been training aviators using our unique knowledge transfer system, which became the foundation for our very first Online Ground School launched in 2002. Over the years, Gleim has remained committed to improving and innovating our courses to provide learners with the most effective study materials in preparation for their tests.

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Our popular Online Ground School has been redesigned with a plethora of improvements to help you learn faster and retain more information. The aeronautical knowledge you’ll gain is crucial for passing your knowledge and practical tests and will help you become a safe, competent pilot. What you learn here will be a firm foundation that you can use for your entire aviation career.

Current Online Ground School Students: Your current course access is not changing; however, if you would like to receive access to the new course with a complimentary 12 month access license, please contact our support team.

The new Gleim Online Ground School is now available for:

  • Private Pilot – Part 61 
  • Instrument Pilot – Part 61 
  • Commercial Pilot – Part 61
  • Flight/Ground Instructor – Part 61

The new Gleim Online Ground School course features a brand new interface that makes it easier than ever to navigate among different course elements such as study guides, quizzes, and additional resources. We have created all new study guides and added hundreds of new illustrations, diagrams, and instructional videos to help you learn and retain aviation concepts. This design ensures you have a variety of study materials to help you focus and keep your learning fun and interesting. We’ve also included a library of FAA study resources for additional reference beyond the required material.

We believe that students should be able to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and monitor the progress of their learning, so we’ve designed an adaptive testing system that creates quizzes based on areas where you need the greatest improvement. This adaptive system will factor together your testing performance and your self-assessments to make suggestions for additional study time where you could use it.

A transcript tool allows you to email a summary of your course history to yourself or another instructor. This is especially helpful if your instructor wants to monitor your performance to provide greater personalized instruction.

On top of the various resources and tools the Online Ground School provides, Gleim offers access to our team of instructors within this course. Under every question, you’ll see an “Ask a CFI” link. These links allow you to send inquiries to our team of instructors regarding specific questions from the course. We’ll review your questions or comments and send you personalized responses.

You must complete all of the study units and stage tests to finish the course. Then, take a series of evaluations consisting of an end-of-course test and two practice FAA exams. Satisfactory completion will generate a graduation certificate with an instructor’s sign-off endorsement authorizing you to take your FAA knowledge test at a local testing center. The video presentation below demonstrates the new Gleim Online Ground School.

The new Gleim Online Ground School is now available for Part 61 Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Flight/Ground Instructor training. Students enrolled in part 141 training will be notified when a course update becomes available. Students with the current Online Ground School will be able to keep their existing course and upgrade to the new course at no additional charge.

You may sign up for the new Online Ground School here. We hope you enjoy the improvements we have made to our course. When you prepare with Gleim, we guarantee you will pass with flying colors! As always, fly safely!


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