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Do you dream of flying?

The following informational slides will help you see that learning to fly is not too difficult, time consuming, or expensive. Whether your goal is to fly as a career or just as a hobby, Gleim has all you need to turn your flying dreams into reality. 

Deluxe Sport Pilot Kit

Deluxe Private Pilot Kit with Audio Review

Make a personal commitment; get started!

Gleim can help you change your perspective by helping you become a pilot faster, with less frustration, and at a lower cost than any other training system available to you. Purchase one of our pilot kits and start your journey to the sky!

Choose a flight instructor.

Choosing a flight instructor who wants to help you accomplish your goals is one of the most important parts of learning to fly. To choose a flight instructor in your area, please visit the Gleim CFI Directory. This searchable directory includes thousands of active flight instructors who use Gleim training materials to help you succeed.

Complete your training!

Our pilot kits can help you become part of the 1-million-plus individuals we've helped pass their FAA knowledge and practical tests.

 Interested in Learning to Fly?

From getting started to advanced pilot training, this free e-booklet explains everything you need to know about getting your pilot certificate.