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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

Flight Instructor Refresher Course


FAA-approved online course (the first of its kind) that enables flight instructors to renew their CFI certificates as prescribed by 14 CFR Sec. 61.197

What does FIRC entail?
Technical Specifications
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The Gleim Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) is an FAA-approved online course (the first of its kind) that enables flight instructors to renew their CFI certificates online as prescribed by 14 CFR Sec. 61.197. The Gleim FIRC includes new material and resources for CFIs to enhance their instruction while training safer pilots.

Gleim helps train the world’s best pilots! Thousands of professional instructors renew with Gleim every time. This course has been evaluated and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as meeting all of the requirements for Flight Instructor Renewal.

Instructors must complete 16 study units to complete the course. Each study unit consists of 10 true/false pretest study questions; a detailed and illustrated knowledge transfer outline; and a 5 question multiple-choice test. This performance-based course allows you to study at your own pace and on a schedule convenient to you–no travel required. You can even save the Gleim knowledge transfer outlines PDFs to reference later.


  • Customize your course with electives. Learn the material you want to learn while becoming a more effective instructor.
  • Convenient online format allows you to study where and when you want–no need to travel.
  • Need support? Our team of experienced instructors is ready to help!
  • Structured, interactive format keeps you involved and learning.
  • Most-trusted and flexible online CFI renewal available.
  • Complete the course to earn FAA WINGS credit.

Note: Course access expires after 24 months or 90 days after course completion, whichever comes first. Access to the FSSA (TSA) study unit, course resources, and graduation certificates does not expire.


Essential Study Units (Complete all 13)

  1. Navigating in the 21st Century
  2. Flight School Security Awareness
  3. Security Related Special Use Airspace and Special Flight Restriction Areas
  4. Developing a Culture of Safety
  5. Safety Trends in General Aviation
  6. Avoiding Pilot Deviations
  7. FAA Safety Team
  8. Regulatory, Policy, and Publication Changes and Updates
  9. How to Give an Effective and Useful Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check
  10. Professionalism, Ethics, and Mentoring
  11. Loss of Control (LOC)
  12. Airman Certification and Practical Test Success
  13. Flight Instructors as Certifying Officials

Elective Study Units (Select any 3)

  1. Flight Information Publications
  2. Teaching Aerodynamics
  3. Teaching Flight Maneuvers and Procedures
  4. Aviation Weather and Weather-Related Decision Making
  5. Tropical Weather Flying
  6. Sport Pilot
  7. The ROTAX 912 Powerplant
  8. Fundamentals of Instructing
  9. Returning to Flight Instruction

What does FIRC entail?

  • 13 Essential study units. Review the core essential material as provided via FAA guidelines.
  • Elective study units. Further customize your course by choosing any three (3) elective units to learn more about the topics that interest you.
  • Engaging user interface. All new dashboard makes it easy to navigate the course, track your progress, and renew your certificate.
  • Continuously updated material to help you stay current and promote aviation safety. Know exactly what is new or what has changed in aviation and flight training.
  • Access additional free resources. Review more than 140 educational, training, and support documents at any time.
  • Free TSA training. Meet the initial or annual recurrent FSSA training requirements for instructors and flight school employees.

ACR Service

The optional Paperless or Mail-in Airmen Certification Renewal Service, makes processing all required documents easy and convenient, saving you a trip to the FSDO. With flexible renewal options, you choose your renewal method and Gleim handles the rest. We issue a temporary certificate directly to you!

Technical Specifications

Make sure that your computer meets our minimum system requirements. This program also works on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. Internet connection required.

Access Length

24 Months


Irvin N. Gleim, Garrett W. Gleim

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