Flight Review Ground Training Course – 14 CFR 61.56


Airplane-specific recurrent ground training course that will increase your safety, knowledge, and abilities for completing your flight review.



Designed to help you prepare for your flight review, the Gleim Flight Review Ground Training Course uses your aircraft’s make-and-model, weight and balance, and performance charts. Thus, this course is an airplane-specific recurrent ground training course that will increase your safety, knowledge, and abilities.

Detailed outlines ensure proper knowledge retention and promote active learning. Gain confidence for your flight review and keep current on new flying procedures and regulations by using the Gleim Flight Review Ground Training Course.


  • Focus on areas specifically addressed in a complete FAA flight review
  • Use a structured program for the FAA-required flight review
  • Understand all aspects of the flight review process including aeronautical decision making and regulations
  • Save time and money by using this course to satisfy the training requirement for 1 hour of ground training in accordance with 14 CFR Part 61.56

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Table of Contents:

  1. The Flight Review
  2. Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Risk Management
  3. Federal Regulations and Information Publications for Pilots
  4. Airplane Weight and Balance
  5. Airplane Performance and Limitations
  6. Aviation Weather Services and Weather-Related Decision Making
  7. ATC and Airspace
  8. Airport Operations
  9. Emergencies

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Irvin N. Gleim, Garrett W. Gleim

Access Length

24 Months

Everyone, including the Gleim team, has been spending a lot more time at home, and it's been an adjustment.

As your trusted partner in training, we want to see you succeed, now more than ever.  Take advantage of this extra downtime to become a safer pilot!

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