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Instrument Flight Maneuvers


The Gleim Instrument Pilot Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep book illustrates and provides step-by-step instructions for all flight maneuvers required for the Instrument Rating in accordance with the FAA Airman Certification Standards.

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Irvin N. Gleim, Garrett W. Gleim






The Gleim Instrument Pilot Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep book is designed to simplify and facilitate your flight training. Thorough discussions of the FAA Airman Certification Standards, and full-color detailed illustrations teach each flight maneuver, area of operation, and other subject area tasks prior to your flight lessons. Thus, you will be thoroughly prepared to spend more quality time in the airplane. This book will make your flight training easier to understand and is a must for study prior to your FAA practical test.


  • Thorough discussions explain all knowledge, risk management, and skills items in the FAA Airman Certification Standards.
  • Step-by-step instructions make it easy to learn new maneuvers and procedures.
  • Learn from others’ mistakes by reviewing common errors and how to avoid them.

Table of Contents


Part I — General Information
Study Unit 1: The Instrument Rating
Study Unit 2: Optimizing Your Flight and Ground Training
Study Unit 3: Your FAA Practical (Flight) Test

Part II — Common Elements to Flight Tasks
Study Unit 4: IFR Aeronautical Charts
Study Unit 5: Instrument Pilot Related CFRs
Study Unit 6: Risk Management Overview
Study Unit 7: Safety of Flight

Part III — Flight Maneuvers and FAA Airman Certification Standards: Discussed and Explained
Section I: Preflight Preparation
Study Unit 8: Pilot Qualifications
Study Unit 9: Weather Information
Study Unit 10: Cross-Country Flight Planning
Section II: Preflight Procedures
Study Unit 11: Aircraft Systems Related to IFR Operations
Study Unit 12: Aircraft Flight Instruments and Navigation Equipment
Study Unit 13: Instrument and Equipment Cockpit Check
Section III: Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures
Study Unit 14: Compliance with Air Traffic Control Clearances
Study Unit 15: Holding Procedures
Section IV: Flight by Reference to Instruments
Study Unit 16: Instrument Flight
Study Unit 17: Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes
Section V: Navigation Systems
Study Unit 18: Intercepting and Tracking Navigational Systems and DME Arcs
Study Unit 19: Departure, En Route, and Arrival Operations
Section VI: Instrument Approach Procedures
Study Unit 20: Nonprecision Approach
Study Unit 21: Precision Approach
Study Unit 22: Missed Approach
Study Unit 23: Circling Approach
Study Unit 24: Landing from an Instrument Approach
Section VII: Emergency Operations
Study Unit 25: Loss of Communications
Study Unit 26: Approach with Loss of Primary Flight Instrument Indicators
Section VIII: Postflight Procedures
Study Unit 27: Checking Instruments and Equipment

Appendix A: Additional Instrument Flight Maneuvers
Appendix B: Instrument Proficiency Check
Abbreviations and Acronyms

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