Online Ground School: Canadian Conversion Airline Transport Pilot


The FAA offers the direct issuance of U.S. pilot certificates to holders of Canadian pilot certificates. Our Canadian Conversion Online Ground School has been tailored to meet the specific needs of pilots seeking FAA certificates based on their Canadian certificates. Multi engine rating requires completion of a Certification Training Program. See eligibility requirements below.


The FAA offers the direct issuance of U.S. pilot certificates to holders of Canadian pilot certificates. Qualified Canadian pilots may take a condensed, knowledge test and earn an FAA pilot certificate based on their Canadian pilot certificate, without having to take a flight test. The FAA knowledge test is 40 questions for single engine (ASC), and 60 questions for multi engine (ACM). For ATP certificates with a multi-engine rating, the FAA requires completion of an ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). See FAA Knowledge Test Eligibility requirements section below. 

Our Canadian Conversion Online Ground School has been tailored to meet the specific needs of pilots seeking FAA certificates based on their Canadian certificates. With Canadian Conversion OGS, there is no need to pick and choose study units from other courses; it's all right here. Gleim OGS contains all of the specific information that is necessary to study for the Pilot Knowledge test in an easily accessible, immediately available online format. With OGS, you can start working for your reciprocal FAA pilot certificate today!

About the course

This course is available for the ATP Multi-engine (ACM), airplane-only. The study units correspond to the knowledge areas tested on the FAA's Conversion exams. Looking for ATP Conversion Single-engine (ASC)? Call us at 800-874-5346 ext. 471.

  • Emulate the actual exam at the major testing centers
  • This will thoroughly prepare you for the FAA knowledge test

Also available for

  • Private Pilot Conversion (PCP)
  • Instrument Rating Conversion (ICP)
  • Commercial Pilot Conversion (CCP)

Technical Specifications

Make sure that your computer meets all the System Requirements: Minimum System Requirements for online courses.

Test Prep Online is compatible on all operating systems and mobile devices or tablets with an Internet connection.

Airline Transport Pilot Contents

  1. NTSB Part 830, 14 CFR Parts 1, 61, 117, and 119
  2. 14 CFR Part 91, Civil Aviation Security, Hazardous Materials
  3. Federal Aviation Regulations: Part 121
  4. Aerodynamics and Airplanes
  5. Airspace and Airports
  6. Air Traffic Control
  7. IFR Navigation Equipment, Holding, and Approaches
  8. IFR Flights
  9. Beechcraft 1900 Operating/Performance Data
  10. DC-9 Operating/Performance Data
  11. Boeing 737 Operating/Performance Data
  12. Bombardier CRJ and Q400 Operating/Performance Data
  13. Weather Reports and Forecasts
  14. Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
  15. Additional Dispatcher-Specific Questions

FAA Knowledge Test Eligibility

A person who applies for the knowledge test for an airline transport pilot certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating must present a graduation certificate from an authorized training provider under Parts 121, 135, 141, or 142 certifying the applicant has completed their training in an Airline Transport Pilot Certified Training Program (ATP-CTP) approved by the FAA. Find a list of ATP-CTP providers here.

Gleim Guarantee

Gleim offers you the best training materials available. When you complete this course satisfactorily, we guarantee that you will pass your FAA knowledge test. We are so confident that you will pass, that we will refund your purchase price (less shipping and handling charges) if you do not pass on your first attempt.

This policy applies only to products that are purchased directly from Gleim Publications, Inc.

Duration: 12 Months

Access to the Online Ground School Course will expire 12 months from the date of purchase. If you have not completed the course and you need access after the expiration date, you may purchase a 12 month extension at half the current purchase price. You will have 30 days to purchase an extension.

Always Up-to-Date

We regularly communicate with the FAA and continuously monitor its website for changes to the FAA's knowledge tests. While the FAA no longer releases the complete database of knowledge test questions, sample questions are released on a quarterly basis and incorporated into our material as appropriate.

Whenever changes are made, they will be automatically incorporated into the course with no input or additional work needed on your end. Thus, you can be confident that this course contains everything you will need to pass your knowledge test with ease.


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