Hazards Associated with Microbursts

Summer is here, and although there will be plenty of perfect flying days, pilots should be prepared for volatile weather, such as thunderstorms, which can pop up quickly and unexpectedly. While there are many hazards associated with thunderstorms, this article specifically addresses microbursts. Formation When a thunderstorm develops, the updraft can be so strong that it suspends large a...
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Aerospace Center for Excellence Partners with Gleim to Produce Virtual Aviation Summer Camp

Gleim Aviation is thrilled to partner with the Aerospace Center for Excellence to help produce their Destination Aviation Virtual Summer Camp. The 6-week camp begins on June 15th, is designed for students 11-17 years old, and features exciting aviation lessons, virtual field trips, and interviews with aerospace professionals. Destination Aviation Virtual Summer Camp is FREE for all to participa...
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How to Confidently Communicate on the Radios

Many pilots struggle with radio communication. This task is often overlooked when people decide to become pilots, but the struggle is not just limited to students. Just like learning any other language, it may initially be challenging, but once you memorize the vocabulary and develop a keen understanding of “radio grammar,” speaking on the radios becomes second nature. Here are some tips to help a...
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The National Weather Service Marks its Sesquicentennial

The National Weather Service (NWS) is one of the primary sources for weather information used by pilots and dispatchers to plan and monitor flights. Weather information is a fundamental element in the lives of aviators, and has been since the first aviators took to the skies. The NWS we know today was originally called the Weather Bureau, created by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1870, 33 years bef...
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Celebrating the E-6B’s 80th Birthday

As the E-6B flight computer turns 80 years old in 2020, we pay our respects to the device that has helped millions of pilots plan their flights for eight decades. With the advent of electronic flight bags, modern navigation equipment, and portable electronic devices, the E-6B flight computer is often regarded as an old-fashioned tool used only for FAA knowledge tests and cross-country flight plann...
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Teachers’ Excitement Abounds at 5th AOPA STEM Symposium

Denver, CO – Nearly 400 educators came together in the Mile High City this week for the fifth annual Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)High School Aviation STEM Symposium. Teachers were able to learn about new resources for the classroom while trying hands-on aviation activities and flying simulators. Gleim Aviation was excited to join the event hosted at the United Airlines Flight T...
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Have You Considered an Aviation Career Outside the Flight Deck?

While the world takes notice of the massive shortages forecast for pilots, a similar story is the pending shortage of support personnel. However, we remain optimistic because the good news is that this is an amazing opportunity. While a budding workforce laments the lack of good-paying entry-level jobs, the aviation industry is screaming, “Look over here!” Corporate-sponsored programs are cropp...
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Is an Airplane in a Constant Airspeed Climb or Descent in Equilibrium?

Gleim Aviation customers submit thousands of great questions through our online courses every year. This article highlights a common area of interest (or confusion) for many pilots: whether or not an airplane is in equilibrium during a constant-airspeed climb and descent. Newton’s First Law of Motion states that every object in a state of uniform motion (such as constant-airspeed) will remain i...
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Achieve Your Dreams of Flying while Keeping Your Day Job

Growing up a mile from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport can certainly spark an interest in aviation in the mind of a young boy. Not only is Teterboro very busy, but the VOR on the field marks the beginning of the approaches for Newark Airport’s 22L and 22R. For 40 years, my family has watched all kinds of aircraft fly over our house. Summer and fall months even brought the distinct groan of the Good...
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Best Practices for Flight Instructors Using Simulation

Flight simulators are a wonderful tool that instructors can utilize to maximize student learning. However, many flight instructors are not familiar with how to set up and use a simulator to conduct meaningful training. If you have not used simulators previously, they can seem intimidating, but once you learn the basic functions of your device, the possibilities for training are endless. Each fl...
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ICAO Flight Plan Implementation

After several years of planning and coordinating between the FAA, flight plan vendors, and upgrading ATC equipment, the mandatory use of ICAO flights plans takes effect on August, 27th 2019. This means the FAA will require all flight plans, domestic or international, to be filed with the ICAO format. For the past few years, the FAA urged pilots to file ICAO format flight plans instead of using the...
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High School Teachers Learn About Aviation Education at Embry-Riddle

DAYTONA BEACH, FL — There are more than 85 programs teaching aviation in Florida high schools affiliated with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). For the past four years, ERAU has invited the teachers from these schools to its Daytona Beach campus for an annual Gaetz Aerospace Institute (GAI) Educator’s Conference. This year, Gleim Aviation joined the event to present our latest classroom...
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