Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346
Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

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Pilot Training Materials

From Private Pilot to ATP, Gleim Aviation Training Materials are top-quality, FAA-approved resources trusted by pilots for over 40 years.

Online Ground School

Master the FAA knowledge tests and become a confident, safe pilot with Gleim Online Ground School. Study at your own pace and achieve success with ease.

FAA Test Preparation

Easily pass FAA Knowledge Test with Gleim Test Prep: Hundreds of questions, charts, and outlines in one user-friendly program for your convenience.

Flight Simulation

Improve pilot skills in a safe, cost-effective, and realistic environment, boosting proficiency, confidence, and decision-making for real-world flying.

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Quality Training Materials

Our learning materials use our sophisticated Knowledge Transfer Systems to ensure that you master all of the information you will need to become a competent, safe pilot.

First-Class Customer Support

As a Gleim Aviation customer, you can always count on first-class customer support. We go above and beyond to help with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Always Up-to-Date

Our FAA-approved training materials are always up-to-date. With our top-notch resources, pilots can confidently prepare for certification exams.

FAA-Approved Test Prep

Pass your FAA Knowledge Test with confidence using our all-in-one FAA Test Prep Online. It has hundreds of questions, immediate feedback, and up-to-date info that meets FAA requirements


We believe that empowering individuals can uplift entire families and professions. That’s why we offer resources and assistance to help people advance their careers and achieve their goals.

Special Discounting & Pricing

Unlock exclusive pricing and discounts on top-quality aviation training materials with Gleim. Perfect for resellers, educators, and veterans alike!

Customer testimonials

  • I fly for Singapore Airlines and keep my CFI renewed with Gleim. I’ve never had a problem with Gleim. They are fantastic — they will tend to you personally, and make sure you are taken care of!

    Captain S
  • I’m a current CFI in north Georgia. I use Gleim all the time, with every single one of my students. They’re great! The DPEs in our area get their questions straight out of Gleim’s ACS. I highly recommend utilizing Gleim for all your pilot training!

    John B
  • Gleim helped me sail through my private and instrument exams. I would highly recommend Gleim to anyone starting out!

    Jerry S
  • I’m a flight instructor at a school in Michigan. I’ve used a number of their competitors and I’ve found Gleim’s material to be really well put together. It keeps you in the flow and helps you think things through nice and systematically. So I really appreciate the material! Thanks Gleim!

    Kevin F
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