Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346
Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346


Free Downloads

Learn to Fly Booklet

Master the essentials of aviation with our free Learn to Fly booklet.

Private Pilot Syllabus

A comprehensive step-by-step lesson plan for your private pilot training, expediting your journey to a private pilot certificate.

Instrument Pilot Syllabus

A detailed step-by-step lesson plan for instrument rating training, streamlining the path to obtaining your instrument rating.

Preflight Risk Assessment Matrix

Evaluate flight risks effectively with the Gleim Preflight Risk Assessment Matrix using the PAVE checklist.

Aircraft Information Worksheet

Access our Aircraft Information Worksheet for a convenient way to record and reference key data about your aircraft.

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Tools & Resources

Digital FAR/AIM

The Gleim FAR/AIM is an easy-to-read online resource, streamlining complex aviation regulations for quick and efficient comprehension.

E6B Flight Computer Instructions

Learn how to use the Gleim E6B Flight Computer with step-by-step instructions.

Find a CFI, School, or Retailer

Locate certified flight instructors, reputable flight schools, and trusted aviation retailers near you.

Find a Testing Center

Find the nearest FAA-designated computer testing center operated by PSI.

FAA Safety Team Promotional Request Form

Motivate your FAAST seminar attendance by offering Gleim’s WINGS-approved online courses as prizes.