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From Recreational to Professional:
What You Need to Know About Becoming a Commercial Pilot

Is the Commercial Pilot Certificate Right for Me?

A commercial pilot certificate allows you to fly for compensation or hire, whether it be transporting people or cargo. Aside from flying for an airline or cargo company, many commercial pilots pursue careers as flight instructors, charter pilots, or within corporate flight operations. If that’s your goal, Gleim can help you achieve it!

If you have 250 or more hours of flight time, consider obtaining a commercial pilot certificate. Not only does it give you the opportunity to earn an income while you fly, but it also sharpens your flying skills to meet the stringent commercial standards, including maintaining an altitude within 50 feet. With Gleim’s comprehensive commercial pilot training courses, you can be confident in your abilities to succeed in any commercial aviation career path you choose.

Am I Eligible to Become a Commercial Pilot?

In order to qualify for the commercial pilot certificate, pilots must:

number one
Be at least 18 years of age
number two
Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
number three
Hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate
number four
Receive an endorsement to sit for the FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test
number five
Pass the FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test
number six
Accumulate the flight experience hours and a receive an endorsement for the practical test
number seven
Pass the practical test with an examiner and receive your Commercial Pilot Certificate!
Interested in Becoming a Commercial Pilot?
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Fast track becoming a commercial pilot by passing the FAA knowledge test prior to completing your flight training. Gleim offers a variety of commercial pilot training materials including all-inclusive pilot kits, online courses, and books.

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I passed my checkrides and written tests thanks to, in no small part, Gleim’s detailed study material and test preparation guides. I am now a CSEL, CMEL, CFI, CFII, AGI, IGI. I do not envision ATP or Part 135 in my future, but if I do need one of them, I will be using Gleim.

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