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Become an Airline Transport Pilot

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) training will prepare you to fly according to the most demanding standards. The requirements vary depending on whether you will be flying single- or multi-engine airplanes. Airline pilots can enjoy many opportunities for a very rewarding career in aviation.

Is the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Right for Me?

Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) are responsible for operating large, multi-crew transport aircraft featured with advanced aircraft systems. A person who holds an airline transport pilot certificate is entitled to the same privileges as a person who holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating. An ATP may instruct other pilots in aircraft of the same category, class, and type, as they are rated and endorse the logbook of the person to whom the training has been given.

With an ATP certificate, a pilot can pursue various career opportunities within the aviation industry. Here are some career options for pilots holding an ATP certificate:

  1. Airline Pilot: With an ATP certificate, pilots can become captains or first officers (co-pilots) on commercial airliners. They can fly large aircraft for major airlines or regional carriers.
  2. Corporate Pilot: Corporate pilots fly for private companies, wealthy individuals, or corporations to transport executives and other high-level personnel on private jets and aircraft.
  3. Cargo Pilot: Cargo pilots work for cargo airlines, transporting freight and cargo to various destinations.
  4. Charter Pilot: Charter pilots fly for charter companies, providing on-demand transportation for individuals, groups, or cargo.
  5. Flight Instructor: ATP certificate holders can become flight instructors to train and mentor aspiring pilots seeking private pilot, commercial pilot, or ATP certificates.
  6. Government Pilot: Some ATP pilots may work for government agencies, such as law enforcement, firefighting, or search and rescue operations.
  7. Air Ambulance Pilot: Air ambulance pilots fly medical evacuation flights, transporting patients to and from medical facilities.
  8. Agricultural Pilot: Agricultural pilots fly crop-dusting or aerial application operations to assist with crop management.
  9. Test Pilot: Experienced ATP pilots may have the opportunity to work as test pilots for aircraft manufacturers, testing new aircraft and systems.

Am I Eligible to Become an Airline Transport Pilot?

In order to qualify for the airline transport pilot certificate, pilots must:

number one
Have a current medical certificate
number two
Hold at least a commercial pilot certificate and an instrument rating, a restricted ATP certificate, or a foreign ATP or commercial pilot certificate.
number three
Pass the FAA Airline Transport Pilot Knowledge Test
number four
Accumulate the appropriate amount of flight experience hours
number five
Pass the FAA Airline Transport Pilot Practical Test
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