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Seaplane Add-On Rating

Is the Seaplane Add-On Rating Right for Me?

Have you ever considered landing an airplane with floats on water? Are you interested in landing at the historic Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska? If so, you might be interested in acquiring your seaplane add-on rating. You can fly different types of seaplanes, such as flying boats and floatplanes. Flying boats are aircraft where the bottom of the fuselage acts as a hull which will be the main landing surface. Floatplanes, on the other hand, are often conventional land aircraft fitted with pontoons in place of their landing gears. Some of these aircraft may also be equipped with retractable landing gears, making them amphibious.

What are the Differences with Landing on Water?

When landing on water, you will have to be completely aware of the winds. For example, when landing on a river, you may have to land in significant crosswinds that may push your aircraft into the river bank. Landing on a vast open lake could be easier, but open bodies of water often bring waves, which can be dangerous to land on. What about landing on calm, glassy water? Glassy water creates a flat surface that reflects like a mirror, making it challenging to gauge altitude accurately, on top of the deceptive optical illusions it may present. These are the reasons why a specialized rating is required to land on water!

Seaplane Add-On Rating Requirements

To receive your seaplane add-on rating, you will need to complete a practical test with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) by successfully performing the tasks listed in the appropriate Airman Certification Standards (ACS).

number one
No requirement for a knowledge test
number two
No minimum flight time requirement (expect roughly 10 hours)
number three
Receive and log ground and flight instruction from an authorized instructor
number four
Earn the required endorsements from an authorized instructor
number five
Pass the seaplane add-on rating oral and practical test with a DPE

Seaplane Add-On Rating Course

The Gleim Seaplane Add-On Rating Course is an interactive, self-study training program. This course is designed for pilots intending to add a seaplane rating to their sport, private, or commercial pilot certificates by preparing them to pass their practical exam. It serves as an effective means of learning water-flying concepts and procedures before actual flight training begins.

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I passed my checkrides and written tests thanks to, in no small part, Gleim’s detailed study material and test preparation guides. I am now a CSEL, CMEL, CFI, CFII, AGI, IGI. I do not envision ATP or Part 135 in my future, but if I do need one of them, I will be using Gleim.

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