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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346
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Learn how instructors across the globe successfully use Gleim materials to position their students for future success!

Elevate Learning with Gleim Aviation

Gleim Aviation has a full line of training supplies, online courses, and books to help professors and students learn and understand aviation. After effective use of Gleim Materials, your students will be able to:

Improve test scores
Learn and understand more in less time
Feel confident on future certificate exams

Our dedicated Professor Relations Coordinators ensure resources are available for degree-seeking students and professors of aeronautics. Allow Gleim Aviation to supply your bookstore with the products and supplementary training resources for students to acquire the knowledge, decision making, and leadership skills necessary to become successful professional pilots.

Dedicated Support for Professors

Partnering for Aviation Education

Gleim Aviation has a full line of training supplies, online courses, and books to help students learn and understand aviation. Online FAA test preparation software may be set up for individual access by creating unique access links for each course needed. This allows Instructors to add the URL to their syllabus, and as an added feature, discounted online access can be passed on to your students.

From reference books to networked testing applications, discover the Gleim Aviation difference to facilitate your higher education needs.

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The Ultimate Testing Management Solution

AvLearn is the premier testing management solution for universities, flight schools, training centers, and high schools. With AvLearn, instructors can create custom quizzes by selecting specific subject matter topics from each of the Gleim FAA Knowledge Test Prep databases – Sport through Airline Transport Pilot, Remote Pilot, and AMT (General, Airframe, Powerplant, IA). Instructors can create exams that can be administered online, or you can print quizzes for classroom use.