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Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot, Completes Gleim Leg of Polar Circumnavigation

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Gleim Aviation is proud to support Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot, as he completes the Pitea, Sweden to Borlange, Sweden leg of the Polar Circumnavigation of the Citizen of the World! The flight is promoting STEM education, aviation safety, technology, and peace. This article below is provided by DeLaurentis.

Flying over Piteå Sweden, photo courtesy Robert DeLaurentis

The flight from Petea, Sweden to Borlange, Sweden is the Gleim Aviation leg of the polar circumnavigation. The Gleim study materials and test preparation materials were the ones I used when preparing for my Private Pilot Ground School exam when I was learning to fly. These materials helped me pursue one of my greatest passions in life and flying.

Flying is an inherently dangerous sport, and so using the very best training materials is a way to help ensure your safety, the safety of those people in the plane with you as everyone on the ground. Anything less puts everyone at risk.

Gamle Hamn. Fårö, Gotlands Län, Sweden, photo courtesy Robert DeLaurentis

For me I was never more thankful for my training than when flight testing the Citizen of the World. We had upgraded every major system in the plane, and were in the process of fine tuning our equipment, which created several inflight emergency situations above 30,000 feet that called everything I knew to bare in a plane.

When I was flying over the South Pole I couldn’t help but think I wouldn’t be there if not for the great training I had received as all my skills were being called into use whether that be navigation, weather, communications or the physics of flight.

So whether or not you choose to modify your GA plane with 6 extra fuel tanks, take it 4,200 nautical miles over the most inhospitable terrain on the planet on an 18 hour flight in temps as low as -60c, there is little room to make any mistakes. Go with the best training materials available … Gleim Aviation.

If you have ever felt fear in an aircraft also check out the DVD, Overcoming the Fear of Flying — produced with the help of the great people at Gleim Aviation.

Written by Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot

Track Robert DeLaurentis’ polar circumnavigation flight from his Garmin Explore app and follow Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot on his Facebook page, Flying Thru Life.

Start your own journey by discovering how you can Learn to Fly!

The plane, affectionately known as the “Citizen of the World” parked in Borlange, Sweden, photo courtesy, Robert DeLaurentis

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