What is AvLearn?

AvLearn is the premier testing management solution for universities, flight schools, training centers, and high schools. With AvLearn, instructors can create custom quizzes by selecting specific subject matter topics from each of the Gleim FAA Knowledge Test Prep databases. Instructors can create exams that can be administered online, or you can print quizzes for classroom use.

Gleim equips instructors with easy to use learning resources to help maximize student learning, while eliminating tedious tasks. We can be the T.A. you always dreamed of having! We understand you have questions and we want to help you get started. Find answers to the AvLearn Frequently Asked Questions here.

✓ Assign homework

✓ Administer assessment quizzes

✓ Customize testing windows

✓ Randomize test content 

✓ Automatic online grading

✓ Export data to popular grade books

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Why AvLearn?

Gleim helps students attain higher levels of knowledge (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) while learning concepts and problem-solving techniques. Our mission is to maximize knowledge transfer while minimizing time, frustration, and cost. The unique Gleim Knowledge Transfer System is highly recommended by top flight schools due to our comprehensive course content, detailed answer explanations, and exceptional customer support.

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  • The AvLearn educator interface is $299.95 for 2 years. 
  • Student accounts are $29.95* per student per database for 2 years. 

The AvLearn educator interface enables access to any of the Gleim test prep databases for an unlimited number of instructors or professors within the same entity. Each class is set up as an individual group. Whether you have 5 or 50 instructors teaching dozens of classes, your educator access is covered!

There are no limits to the number of individual student accounts that can be added to your AvLearn groups.

*Discounts are available for students with the Gleim Test Prep Online, or based on volume purchases. Request a quote for details. 

FAA Certificates and Ratings

AvLearn is available for pilots and aviation maintenance technicians to prepare for 28 different FAA knowledge exams:

✓ Sport Pilot (SPA)

✓ Private Pilot (PAR, PAT, RPA)

✓ Instrument Rating (IRA, FII, IGI, AIF, IFP)

✓ Commercial Pilot (CAX, MCN)

✓ Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI)

✓ Flight/Ground Instructor (FIA, BGI, AGI, SIA, AFA, PEA)

✓ Airline Transport Pilot and Dispatcher (ATM, ATS, ADX)

✓ Remote Pilot Part 107 Initial (UAG)

✓ Flight Engineer (FEX, FEJ)

✓ AMT General (AMG)

✓ AMT Airframe (AMA)

✓ AMT Powerplant (AMP)

✓ Inspection Authorization (IAR)

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