Inspection Authorization Renewal

Go beyond simply meeting your time requirements. The Gleim Online IA Renewal Course helps IAs become more informed inspectors and mechanics by prioritizing content to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.

IA Renewal

The Gleim Inspection Authorization Renewal Course (IARC) is designed with the dual purpose of increasing your knowledge in all facets of the inspection process and renewing your IA certificate. Your IA expires every odd numbered year (2019, 2021) on March 31. You can complete this course at your own pace anytime during the 12-month period preceding your renewal application (from April 1 to the following March 31).

The Gleim IARC is the first-ever online course authorized by the FAA to issue a certificate of training upon completion of the online program which can be used for IA renewal.

IA Renewal Requirements

IA privileges are exercised across two 1-year periods. Each period has an activity (work performed, training, or oral examination) requirement. The renewal period for an inspection authorization is every two years, from April 1 of each odd-numbered year to March 31 of the next odd-numbered year. During March of every odd-numbered year, an applicant for renewal must present evidence to the FAA of meeting the inspection authorization renewal requirements of 14 CFR 65.93(a).

To maintain currency and ensure a consistent level of safety, IA holders must fulfill one of the activities of 14 CFR 65.93(a)(1) through (5) during the first year of the 2-year IA period.

If an IA holder does not complete the activity requirement by March 31 of the first year of the 2-year IA period, the IA holder may not exercise the privileges of the authorization after that date. The IA holder may resume exercising inspection authorization privileges during the second year of the 2-year IA period after the IA holder passes an oral test. That test is administered by an FAA inspector to determine that the IA holder's knowledge of applicable regulations and standards is current. Upon passing the oral test, the IA holder will be deemed in compliance with the first year activity (work performed, training, or oral examination) requirement. Alternatively, the IA holder may surrender the inspection authorization and retake the IA examination without a waiting period before re-examination.

Gleim Recap for IAs:

  • You MUST complete an 8-hour course or meet FAA currency requirements before March 31 EVERY YEAR.
  • You renew with the FAA in odd numbered years only.
  • Call 800-874-5346 ext. 471 with any questions.
How to renew your IA

If you are required to renew this year, renewal usually can be done conveniently at home following the steps below.
NOTE: You will be sending graduation certificates and filling out the 8610-1 form for BOTH years during the renewal year.

Complete 8 Study Units in the Gleim IA Renewal Course

Print and fill out the Mechanic's Application for Inspection Authorization, FAA Form 8610-1 and the FAA Pilot's Bill of Rights Acknowledgement.

Print your Gleim IARC Graduation Certificate.

Mail your completed Form 8610-1, signed FAA Pilot's Bill of Rights, Graduation Certificate, and IA card (FAA Form 8310-5) to your local FSDO.

Some FSDOs and/or some inspectors may require you to appear in person at your FSDO. This will probably be true if you are NOT known at your FSDO.

Inspection Authorization Renewal Course


The Gleim Inspection Authorization Renewal Course (IARC) allows you to renew your IA certificate in a convenient online format. You can complete your renewal using IARC at your own pace any time during the 12-month period preceding your IA expiration (March 31).

Study Units

  1. Aircraft Wood Structure Inspection
  2. 14 CFR Part 91 Subpart E – Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Alterations
  3. FAR 43 Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration
  4. Aircraft Landing Gear Inspection
  5. Aircraft Weight and Balance
  6. Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance
  7. Propeller Inspection
  8. Internet Resources for the IA
  9. Security and Safety in the Workplace
  10. Part 43 Advisory Circulars and the Aviation Maintenance Alerts System
  11. Aircraft Fabric Inspection
  12. Corrosion Control
  13. Visual Inspections
  14. Aircraft Composites and Plastics Inspection
  15. Non-Destructive Aircraft Inspection
  16. Airworthiness Directives
  17. Recruiting, Supervising, and Mentoring Aviation Maintenance Technicians
  18. Aviation Maintenance Alerts
  19. Fabrication and Replacement of Parts by Maintenance Personnel
  20. Hardware and Control Cables Inspection
  21. Structures: General Practices
  22. Repairs to Aluminum Structures and Selective Plating Processes
  23. The ROTAX 912 Powerplant
  24. Advanced Composites
  25. Principles of Gyroscopic Instruments
  26. Aircraft Tires and Tubes
  27. Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning
  28. Aircraft Rigging
  29. Spark Plug Inspection and Maintenance
  30. Supercharged Induction Systems
  31. Aircraft Inspections
  32. FOD Awareness
  33. Peer Pressure, Mentoring, Ethics, and Professionalism
  34. Aircraft Drawings
  35. Checklist to Success: Managing Risk
  36. Parts Marking Identification and Registration Marking
  37. Minimum Equipment Requirements for Part 91 Operations
  38. The Field Approval Process
  39. Gas-Turbine Engine Fundamentals
  40. Engine Starting Systems

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