Airline Transport Pilot
Becoming an Airline Transport Pilot, or ATP, is a significant accomplishment in your flying career.

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) training will prepare you to fly according to the most demanding standards. The requirements vary depending on whether you will be flying single- or multi-engine airplanes. Airline pilots can enjoy many opportunities for a very rewarding career in aviation. 

Airline Transport Pilots are responsible for operating large transport aircraft with advanced systems. To further your aviation career, or enter the airlines, achieving an ATP certificate is a must.

Steps to Success

An Airline Transport Pilot certificate is issued upon satisfactory completion of your training program, a pilot knowledge test, and a practical test. Gleim Aviation goes beyond preparing you to pass the required tests. Coordinated training makes you a safer, more competent pilot in less time and without frustration.

Step 1: Prepare for the FAA Knowledge Test

The Gleim Online Ground School guarantees you will pass the written exam.

The Gleim ATP Kit includes everything you need to prepare for the FAA Knowledge Test. The computerized, multiple-choice test is 90 questions for ATP single-engine (ATS), and 125 questions for ATP multi-engine (ATM). To be eligible to take the ATM test, you must complete an ATP-CTP program (see next section).

Online Ground School: ATP

Learn the material quickly with the Gleim Online Ground School. This course guarantees you will pass the written exam. It is included with Our Deluxe ATP Kit.

Deluxe ATP Kit with Online Ground School

The Gleim Deluxe ATP Kit is an all-in-one program designed to expedite training for the Airline Transport Pilot certificate. 

Step 2: ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP)

For an ATP certificate with an airplane category multi-engine class rating (ATM), you must receive a graduation certificate from a Certified Training Provider (ATP-CTP) under 14 CFR part 121, 135, 141, or 142 and meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.156 before applying for the knowledge test. This course requires 30 hours of ground instruction and 10 hours of level C, full motion simulator training. ATP-CTP meets the FAA requirements; however, Gleim Aviation prepares you for the knowledge test.

A list of Gleim partnered ATP-CTP providers can be found here. These ATP-CTP flight schools use Gleim ATP review material in their training. The advantage of training with these schools is that all materials seamlessly blend together to decrease study time while increasing knowledge retention.

An instructor endorsement is not required to take the ATP practical test, unless the applicant has previously failed and is retesting. However, flight training with an experienced CFI or ATP is recommended to ensure proficiency requirements meet or exceed the FAA requirements.

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