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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

AvLearn Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for requesting more information about AvLearn! This system is used by schools and universities across the country to help them manage student testing. We understand you have questions, and we want to answer the most common questions and help you get started.

Does AvLearn include an Online Ground School?

No, AvLearn helps instructors create exams that can be administered online or can be printed for classroom use.

How does AvLearn help my students learn, beyond evaluation?

When students complete their tests, you can choose whether or not they will have access to a review session with our detailed answer explanation. These explanations help students understand exactly why the answer choices are correct or incorrect.

What topics are covered in AvLearn?

AvLearn is available for pilots and aviation maintenance technicians to prepare for 28 different FAA knowledge exams for pilots, unmanned aerial systems, and maintenance technicians.

✓ Sport Pilot (SPA)

✓ Private Pilot (PAR, PAT, RPA)

✓ Instrument Rating (IRA, FII, IGI, AIF, IFP)

✓ Commercial Pilot (CAX, MCN)

✓ Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI)

✓ Flight/Ground Instructor (FIA, BGI, AGI, SIA, AFA, PEA)

✓ Airline Transport Pilot and Dispatcher (ATM, ATS, ADX)

✓ Remote Pilot Part 107 Initial (UAG)

✓ Flight Engineer (FEX, FEJ)

✓ AMT General (AMG)

✓ AMT Airframe (AMA)

✓ AMT Powerplant (AMP)

✓ Inspection Authorization (IAR)

How do I create a quiz?

The process is straightforward.

  1. Select your course
  2. Select the rating
  3. Select the study unit
  4. Select the topics
  5. Review the questions
  6. Define the test parameters
  7. Publish your quiz

Watch the video below for a guided demonstration.

Can I import the questions into my school's LMS (Canvas, BlackBoard, Moodle, etc.)?

The content works inside Gleim’s proprietary interface. You can export grades in a variety of formats which can be imported to your LMS or gradebook.

Can I add my own questions to AvLearn?

The Gleim database of questions is designed to prepare students for their FAA exams. It has been thoroughly vetted and is constantly updated to ensure all topics are covered accurately. Instructor-written questions cannot be added; however, there is a group forums module where additional content can be discussed within your group.

How many instructors, students, or groups can we have?

You may have unlimited instructors, students, and groups. To help you keep your courses manageable, we suggest setting up one group for each class, per semester.

How do I get access to AvLearn?

Submit the AvLearn request access form. We will contact you to verify the information needed to setup your school, instructors, and the specific groups or classes. A link will be provided that is unique to your class(es) or group(s) that you can send to students to register. Once your account is set up, you will be able to access your account through your Gleim personal classroom.