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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

X-Plane Flight Training Course Release Notes

These release notes are a log of the recent notable changes made to the X-Plane Flight Training Course (XFTC) project including records of changes such as bug fixes, new features, etc.

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XFTC 1.2.97JUNE 24, 2022

  • Fixed a conflict with the third-party plugin SPAD.neXt.

XFTC 1.2.96JUNE 13, 2022

  • Fixed a bug where the Launcher sometimes didn’t minimize when starting a lesson.

XFTC 1.2.95JANUARY 25, 2022

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Speak Checkpoints” menu option not to match the actual underlying setting.
  • Optimized some calculations in the installer so updating is a lot faster.
  • Various lesson fixes/improvements.

XFTC 1.2.94JULY 13, 2021

  • Fixed a rare issue where the Profiler couldn’t detect the correct working directory on startup.

XFTC 1.2.93MAY 13, 2021

  • Better error handling for corrupted settings files; default settings are now used so the lesson can still load.
  • If Panel Builder is running at the end of a lesson (i.e. in the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD), viewing the lesson report will close Panel Builder, CheckRide, and X-Plane so the report is no longer hidden behind other windows. Otherwise, X-Plane will minimize only, as it always has.
  • Expanded tolerances for heading and ground track requisites to make them easier to trigger.
  • Update window now properly stays on top while downloading an update.
  • Update window shows the file name of the installer being downloaded.
  • Launcher does a better job finding X-Plane when launching a lesson; no more false positives for Plane Maker.

XFTC 1.2.92FEBRUARY 11, 2021

X-Plane 11 is required for this release. X-Plane 10 users will receive no future updates.

  • Vulkan in X-Plane 11.50+ is now supported. Fixed the issue with the yellow ground reference objects not appearing with Vulkan enabled.
  • Added support for 0S7 3D scenery released in X-Plane 11.50.
  • Better multi-monitor support. XFTC windows now appear on the first available monitor and stay there unless it’s disabled; then they move automatically to the next one. A new menu option has been added to override the automatic selection and choose any other available monitor. The active monitor is saved on exit so it doesn’t have to be set every time X-Plane loads. For Multi Edition, the active monitor setting is saved independently for each user.
  • Improved the Cessna 172 drag profile so the power settings more accurately match the real plane.
  • Updated airspeeds in the lesson instructions to match the new drag profile.
  • Fixed the brake check requisites so it’s possible again to trigger them with the parking brake, not just the rudder pedals.
  • Audio is now muted during warps, which gets rid of the ear-piercing alarm during the long warp in L14.
  • X-Plane 10 tutorial videos are no longer contained in the Launcher. The old button now links to the Flight Sim Tutorials page, which contains embedded tutorial videos for X-Plane 11.
  • Added a release notes button to the Launcher, which goes to the page you are currently reading.
  • Improved lesson load time by approximately 5 seconds when a lesson is launched and X-Plane isn’t already running.
  • Minor fix to the “Reset All” menu option to prevent lesson windows from appearing when outside of a lesson.
  • Removed unused “Speak Notices” menu option.

XFTC 1.2.91APRIL 13, 2020

This release contains a single bug fix for the hard warping to runway in X-Plane 11 that has been reported by customers. Symptoms of this bug include bouncing, leaning back onto the tail, or the engine failing completely after a warp. None of this should occur after the update. The plane should always be placed smoothly onto the runway.

XFTC 1.2.90JANUARY 15, 2020

  • Transponder is now set to ALT instead of STBY at lesson start.
  • Added a toggle in the Launcher to choose between the analog or G1000 version of the Cessna 172 (X-Plane 11 only).
  • Improved lesson load time when X-Plane isn’t already running by preloading the airplane via command line option.
  • Added support for Panel Builder and Checkride (used in the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD).
  • Fixed KRIL field elevation in L20.
  • Updated some L20 requisites to make them easier to trigger.
  • Clarified some instructions in L16 and improved the tolerances to better enforce them.
  • Removed flap infractions from short-field landings saying that flaps should be fully extended. Flaps should be retracted immediately after landing.

XFTC 1.2.89JULY 9, 2019

  • Multi Edition bug fixes.
  • Initial public release of XFTC Multi Edition.

XFTC 1.2.88JUNE 12, 2019

  • Multi Edition bug fixes.
  • Fixed an incorrect radial instruction in Lesson 20.

XFTC 1.2.87MAY 28, 2019

  • Multi Edition bug fixes.
  • Graphical overhaul of the Launcher to be more modern and visually appealing.

XFTC 1.2.86MAY 22, 2019

  • Multi Edition bug fixes.

XFTC 1.2.85MAY 1, 2019

  • Multi Edition bug fixes.
  • This version was only released publicly for Home Edition, for the sole purpose of the KHAB changes in the previous release.

XFTC 1.2.84APRIL 26, 2019

  • Multi Edition bug fixes.
  • Added support for KHAB’s 3D scenery released in X-Plane 11.33.
  • Fixed a bug in L19 preventing the lesson from sequencing properly.

XFTC 1.2.83APRIL 26, 2019

  • Initial beta release of XFTC Multi Edition.
  • Customer Key and Activation Code are now permanently shown on the activation screen for easy reference after activation.
  • Fixed some issues with flap tolerances/requisites caused by certain peripherals not setting the flap ratio to 100% for full flaps.

XFTC 1.2.82OCTOBER 17, 2018

  • XFTC no longer overrides X-Plane sound/volume settings.
  • Improved visibility in X-Plane 11.
  • Lessons can now start the plane from a cold and dark state.
  • Launching a lesson when the default plane is not active now switches planes and loads the lesson properly. Previously, the correct plane would load, but there was a bug that prevented the lesson checklist from appearing, and the lesson history was not saved.

XFTC 1.2.81SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

  • Various lesson fixes/improvements.

XFTC 1.2.80SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

  • Added support for different airport layouts depending on X-Plane version. This allows XP11 users to use the new 3D scenery with more accurate runways/taxiways. Lesson warp points are now calculated based on the active layout so the plane always starts on pavement in the correct location. Prior to this, users running X-Plane 11.25 were being warped to the grass at KJFX due to the updated scenery.

XFTC 1.2.79MARCH 2, 2018

  • Bug fixes for XP11 migration.
  • First public release with support for X-Plane 11.

XFTC 1.2.78MARCH 2, 2018

  • Bug fixes for XP11 migration.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the updater from running in Windows 10 because of UAC.

XFTC 1.2.77FEBRUARY 28, 2018

  • Bug fixes for XP11 migration.

XFTC 1.2.76FEBRUARY 22, 2018

  • Bug fixes for XP11 migration.

XFTC 1.2.75NOVEMBER 29, 2017

  • Added initial support for X-Plane 11. For existing XFTC users, the installer detects if X-Plane 11 is installed and offers to migrate XFTC from XP10 to XP11 automatically.

XFTC 1.2.74APRIL 11, 2017

  • Various lesson fixes/improvements.
  • Smoother Profile Map panning when clicking/dragging with the mouse.
  • Fixed Launcher bug that caused a crash if the splash screen was clicked during startup.
  • The first lesson video is now selected by default so users can click “Play Video” right away.

XFTC 1.2.73MARCH 31, 2016

  • Updated video content.

XFTC 1.2.72MARCH 1, 2016

  • Various lesson fixes/improvements.
  • Added Help button to Launcher.

XFTC 1.2.71JULY 28, 2015

  • Fixed a bug that prevented continuing the lesson after crashing.
  • Added crash dialog/reset functionality to Practice Mode (previously only available in Training Mode).

XFTC 1.2.70JULY 13, 2015

  • Initial public release of XFTC Home Edition.