The X-Plane Flight Training Course develops remarkable proficiency by integrating flight lessons from the FAA-Approved Gleim Pilot Training Syllabus with the ultra-realistic X-Plane flight simulator.

Experience all flight maneuvers at home, with step-by-step guidance, real-time corrective feedback, and post-flight evaluations.

Student pilots using the X-Plane Flight Training Course are better prepared for flight training than ever before.

The entire course allows student pilots to practice all flight maneuvers for about the cost of 1 hour of dual instruction and aircraft rental.



  • Practice every flight lesson from the Gleim Private Pilot Syllabus
  • Experience each flight before flying
  • Build proficiency and confidence
  • Develop a safety mindset and practical decision-making skills
  • Learn quickly and economically


  • Move the classroom from the airplane to the simulator
  • Know student strengths and weaknesses before flying each lesson
  • Tailor instruction to each individual student
  • Teach more effectively and turn your students into pilots

Flight Schools

  • Increase student retention
  • Recruit new student pilots
  • Develop safer, more competent pilots
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Receive predictable client expectations

Fully Integrated & Simulated Aviation Training

Course Launcher:

  • Loads flight lessons
  • Contains over 100 detailed training videos
  • Has post-flight analysis tool for reviewing flight history

Flight Profiler:

  • Digital flight instructor
  • Monitors your training in real time
  • Gives you feedback on every move you make


  • X-Plane 10 by Laminar Research
  • Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course
  • Over 100 Training Videos
    • Course Tutorial Videos
    • X-Plane Tutorial Videos
    • Pre-flight briefing videos for each lesson
  • Real-time instruction and feedback
  • Fully interactive, true-flying, digital Cessna 172 aircraft model
  • Digital flight lessons specifically tailored to real-world flight training
  • Flight profiler and evaluation tool

System Requirements:

  • Requires X-Plane 10 or 11 software by Laminar Research
  • 64-bit Windows Operating System (not Mac compatible)
  • DVD-ROM drive

Make sure your computer meets the minimum specifications for X-Plane 10 or X-Plane 11

Gleim recommends the use of a control yoke and rudder pedals. While X-Plane does allow you to fly using the mouse, it's much more beneficial to your training to use flight controls that are similar to what you will be using in the actual airplane.

Gleim recommends using Logitech peripherals.

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