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American Airlines Sponsors 50 First Lessons Giveaway with Gleim Partner School Global Aviation Center

News > American Airlines Sponsors 50 First Lessons Giveaway with Gleim Partner School Global Aviation Center
Global Aviation Student and Instructor
The first of 50 recipients who applied to the American Airlines sponsored First Flight scholarship took flight on Monday August 7 at Global Aviation Center at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York. He went up with CFI Ronnie in the C172 for a memorable first flight sponsored completely by American Airlines with Global Aviation Center and he is already planning on starting his training to become a commercial pilot.  Photo © 2017 Global Aviation Center

Global Aviation Center Director of Operations and Marketing Brian Miller and a panel of aviation experts
have narrowed down the list of First Flight Lesson recipients to 50 using two criteria: zero experience and a passion for flying.

The flight school based at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York, was recently awarded a sponsorship by American Airlines that will allow 50 aspiring aviators to experience their first flight for free, and 20 of those participants will receive a free Gleim Pilot Training Kit.

“The experience is open to anyone who has an interest or inkling to move on and explore aviation,” Miller said about the first-flight packages that include a two-hour experience consisting of a ground lesson and up to an hour of a hands-on flight experience. The opportunity is valued at $200. “We are interested in people who want to further their education and get their intro flight experience under their belt.”

The Gleim Private Pilot Kit includes the Online Ground School, FAA Knowledge Test Prep, a flight bag, all study material, and reference books. Global Aviation Center also provides a pilot kneeboard, information manual for the Piper Warrior, fuel tester, checklist, aeronautical chart and user’s guide, airport guide pad and aviation chart, which adds up to a $300 value.

“The Gleim Pilot kits allow students to jump-start their flight training,” said Gleim Aviation Marketing Specialist Paul Duty who is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFII), Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) and commercial pilot.

Gleim Private Pilot Kit
Gleim Deluxe Private Pilot Kit

Global Aviation Center is a Gleim Part 141 Partnered Flight School and FAA testing center. The Gleim Aviation curriculum is fully integrated with Global Aviation Center’s FAA-approved training program to provide aviation students with outstanding ground and flight training, Duty added.

Miller said Global Aviation promoted the giveaway via Facebook, Instagram, word of mouth, and local news agencies. Miller said the panel will now be looking for “people who have no time behind controls, have exhibited a determination and passion for becoming a pilot, and are between the ages of 16-30.”

Applicants were required to submit a 100-word essay titled: “Why I’ve always wanted to become a pilot.” The contest was made possible by a grant from American Airlines (AA), who said they were impressed with Global Aviation’s proposal to increase aviation interest and help future pilots get started with the certification process.

“American chose Global Aviation for a number of reasons,” said AA Manager of Pilot Career Strategy and Pilot Recruiting and Development William R. Hehman. “First and foremost, Global’s idea was innovative, new, and fit the fundamental goal of exposing new students to careers in aviation, and in particular, on the flight deck,” he said. “Global does a lot of work at Aviation High School, located in New York City, one of American’s most important hubs, so working together in that community just makes sense.”

As AA searches for and recruits talent, part of that process includes investing in the next generation of pilots in training. “All jobs related to the airline industry are in demand,” Hehman said. “As the global order book for commercial aircraft eclipses 12,000 in 2017 – demand for highly skilled, high paying jobs, with great benefits is only going to increase.”

The initial free flight event occurs from August 7 -11, and Miller says Global is ready. “We’ll have 15 instructors, five Piper Warriors, five Piper Archers, maybe a Cessna 172,” he said, and added that 15-20 flights will occur during the August event with the remaining flights taking off over the next two months on dates to be determined.

Global Aviation, AA, and Gleim are all excited about the opportunity to combine resources to promote first-flight experiences.

“Every pilot remembers the first time they took control of an airplane, and it is often that flight that ignites the passion for the pilot profession,” Hehman said. “It is both American Airlines and Global’s goal that, by facilitating that first flight, we can get many new pilots to enter the training stream, and one day fondly recall their own first flight as pilot.”

Duty agrees, “This event is a once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring aviators to discover the dream of flight. Gleim Aviation is thrilled to be a part of the event and provide students with the foundation necessary to start their journey toward becoming a career pilot.”

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50 Flights Giveaway
50 First Flights Giveaway

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