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Remote Pilot Refresher Training Requirements

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The Part 107, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) regulations became effective on August 29, 2016. Part 107 created a new remote pilot certificate and streamlined the qualifying process to fly drones for many types of non-recreational purposes. The remote pilot certificate carries a new set of responsibilities for the droves of commercial operators, who are, of course, expected to be professionals! One of those responsibilities is a requirement to complete refresher training and pass a knowledge test every two years.

In the video below, we explain

  • FAA recurrent testing requirements.
  • Testing requirements for pilots with only a remote pilot certificate.
  • Options for pilots with both manned and unmanned aircraft pilot certificates.
  • How to use Gleim to complete your training and master the FAA knowledge test.

If you prefer, you can read the material below for all of the information covered in the video.

More than 100,000 people earned their remote pilot certificate in the first two years since the Part 107 regulations became effective. If you’re one of the thousands of remote pilots who used the FAA Knowledge Test Prep Online from Gleim Aviation, we would like to thank you for helping make Gleim one of the largest training providers helping new pilots earn their certification. As a professional, you know that remote pilots have recurrent training requirements. If you’re not familiar with those requirements, stay tuned, as we detail exactly what you need to know to stay legal – for less!

FAA Requirements

It is important to note that your remote pilot certificate does not expire. However, in order to use your privileges as a remote pilot, you must complete certain testing requirements within the preceding 24 calendar months. What does that mean? In a nutshell, you have to take a test every two years.

Unmanned Pilots Only

If you obtained your remote pilot certificate by passing a knowledge exam at a testing center, you must take another exam, called the Unmanned General – Recurrent test.

Good news! The new test is shorter than the initial test. It is only 40 questions vs. 60, but you also have less time to finish it – 90 minutes, instead of 120. The minimum passing score is still 70 percent.

The Gleim team is constantly making ongoing updates to our training material to help you stay on top of the latest changes. The FAA added new material on the recurrent test that you won’t be familiar with if you just study using your old materials. Plus, the initial training covers a number of topics that are not required to pass the recurrent training exam.

The Gleim FAA Knowledge Test Prep Online for Remote Pilot Recurrent Training covers exactly what you need to not only pass the exam, but to continue operating as a safe, competent remote pilot!

Manned and Unmanned Pilots

If you are also a manned aircraft pilot, with at least a sport pilot certificate or higher, AND you have a current flight review, I have more good news! You can take a FREE, online, recurrent training course at FAASafety.gov. This is course code ALC-515. The course takes just a few hours to complete and includes an online test. When you’re done, you’ll get a completion certificate that satisfies the recurrent training requirements. Remember, this option is only available to remote pilots who are also manned aircraft pilots.

Why Gleim?

So why use Gleim Aviation? The Gleim Knowledge Transfer System has detailed study guides that ensure you will understand any type of question that you might encounter. Gleim is also known for having extremely detailed answer explanations. You’ll know exactly why all the correct answers are right, and why all the incorrect are wrong. Plus, the Test Prep Online has performance analysis tools to help you hone in on any areas that you need to improve. Combine that with the ability to emulate the actual exam interface under real exam conditions, and you’ll have no problem passing the exam – with flying colors, of course!

Gleim has been training pilots at all levels since 1980. Our team consists of pilots with professional experience in both manned and unmanned aviation. We are flight instructors and remote pilots with real world experience in corporate, airline, and military sectors. You can rest assured that we only train pilots using a professional, no-nonsense approach that provides the highest level of knowledge transfer.

So what are you waiting for? Get refreshed by learning about the latest changes in unmanned aerial vehicle operations and requirements. Start your recurrent training with Gleim Aviation today!

Written by Paul Duty, Gleim Aviation Chief Instructor and Aviation Product Manager.

Video talent: Nancy Boyd.

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