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Aviation Training Consultants: 800-874-5346

12 Days of Flight Sim: Gleim Virtual Cockpit Ultimate Set

News > 12 Days of Flight Sim: Gleim Virtual Cockpit Ultimate Set

Learning to fly and keeping your skills proficient can be costly. Between instructor time and aircraft rental fees, many people find themselves looking for ways to save money on training to maintain their aviation hobby or pursue a career.

Computer flight simulation has done an amazing job of giving pilots and hobbyists a safe and controlled learning environment while still being true to the physics of aviation. Not only does the Gleim Virtual Cockpit Ultimate Set come with the expertly designed cockpit chassis, but buyers also receive a powerful gaming computer (which can be used as a high-powered personal computer or solely for flight simulation), three gorgeous 27-inch monitors, a flight yoke, and rudder pedals.

When coupled with the X-Plane software and the Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course, the Gleim Virtual Cockpit Ultimate Set really shines as a top-notch flight training system that is both visually impressive and highly effective at maximizing knowledge transfer. The result is a learning experience like no other that provides an exceptional level of comfort and unmatched educational content.

Visit GleimAviation.com/simsavings to watch a demo of the X-Plane Flight Training Course. Call us at 800.874.5346, ext. 471, to find out how you can save $100 when you purchase your Gleim Virtual Cockpit Ultimate Set, X-plane, and the X-Plane Flight Training Course together.

Written by Austin Scott, Aviation Marketing Assistant

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