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UAA Fall Conference Ignites Enthusiasm in Memphis

News > UAA Fall Conference Ignites Enthusiasm in Memphis
Students from Memphis, TN visited the Gleim booth at UAA to learn about aviation training.

Memphis, TN – The University Aviation Association’s 72nd Annual Conference and Expo returned to the organization’s hometown to bring nearly 300 collegiate aviation professionals from across the country together.

Event attendees learned about promoting and growing their aviation programs during the 3-day event, among a full agenda of seminars, networking events, and committee meetings. Nearly 60 exhibitors showcased the latest aircraft training resources, flight simulators, learning management systems, and airline career pathway programs.

Visitors to the Gleim booth met with Bruce Blashka, Professor Relations Coordinator, to demo the new Gleim AvLearn testing management system, a recent update to the Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course. AvLearn is a premier testing management solution for universities, flight schools, training centers, and high schools. With AvLearn, instructors can create custom quizzes by selecting specific topics from each of the Gleim FAA Knowledge Test Prep databases. The ability to administer quizzes online or print them for use in class equips instructors with easy to use resources to maximize student learning while eliminating tedious tasks.

Interest in AvLearn far exceeded our expectations,” said Blashka. “Gleim AvLearn bridges the gap in testing management that universities have been looking for.”

Paul Duty helps a student correct an “unusual attitude” while flying the Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course.

The Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course is now available for multi-user training environments. Based on the same Gleim Private Pilot Syllabus used in FAA-approved flight schools across the country, all lessons are integrated into the ultra-realistic X-Plane flight simulator software. As students safely learn their flight maneuvers on the ground in accordance with the Airman Certification Standards, instructors can monitor each student’s individual progress. Previous lessons are automatically saved and synchronized across each simulator on your network running the Gleim course.

Educators were able to browse the latest (2020) editions of Gleim FAA Knowledge Test Prep books and discuss the recent updates with Paul Duty, Gleim Chief Instructor and Aviation Product Manager. Professors interested in Gleim products for course adoption were able to request desk copies at the event. Professors who did not order at the event can still request complimentary review copies with no minimum enrollment requirements by contacting us.

When combined with AvLearn, instructors who rely on the Gleim training materials can now leverage the power of our content to manage student testing,” said Duty.

Students visit with aviation training and recruiting professionals during a “Lunch and Learn” session.

While Thursday was mostly for academics, Friday was dominated by high school students. Nearly 75 local high school students and teachers landed at the conference to learn about aviation careers. A “lunch with a student” event was held on Friday for 9th-12th grade students to meet with industry professionals and ask questions about aviation training and preparing for employment. Four students joined Paul Duty along with Eric Taylor, University of Nebraska at Omaha professor and former Naval Aviator, and Megan Ley and Lauren Isaacs, both Republic Airways recruiters.

This was a special event for students to learn about our diverse backgrounds and the various ways people start aviation careers and develop unique skills through aviation training which can carry over to other industries as well,” said Duty.

Bruce Blashka provides instruction to a student using the Gleim X-plane Flight Training Course.

Next year’s event will be held in Saint Petersburg, FL. Learn more about UAA.

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