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Create the ultimate flight simulation experience! The Gleim Virtual Cockpit™ is the premier training solution for building VFR and IFR proficiency.

Gleim Virtual Cockpit Ultimate Set shown above.

Designed by Pilots for Pilots

Mastering aeronautical knowledge before you fly creates the foundation for getting the most out of flight instruction. The airplane is not always the best classroom. It's noisy, compact, busy, plus it is expensive. Students can easily become overwhelmed with task overload. We get it! That's why we designed the Gleim Virtual Cockpit™. Students who maximize their training time in the simulator finish their flight training quicker, while developing the skills to become safe competent pilots.

The Gleim Virtual Cockpit™ delivers an ultimate immersive experience to build VFR and IFR proficiency on your own. The turn-key system includes a high-performance PC, monitors, yoke, rudder pedals, chassis, seat, and all hardware to get you started. The heavy-duty steel frame, triple-monitor mount, seat, and peripheral trays can all be configured to replicate your desirable cockpit configuration.

The Gleim Virtual Cockpit is used by hundreds of individuals, as well as flight schools, collegiate aviation programs, and high school STEM aviation programs to deliver high-quality training, while saving students time and money while creating safe, competent pilots.

Because student preparation is crucial to frustration-free training, we developed the Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course. This interactive course includes every private pilot flight lesson from our FAA-approved syllabus and is a fundamental component of training success when added on to the Gleim Virtual Cockpit.

In the News: Read the AOPA article about the Gleim Virtual Cockpit.

*Optional accessories are shown including software, computer, monitors, flight controls, and speakers.

Purpose Built

  • The all-in-one simulator chassis is built specifically for flight simulation.
    • Great for racing and gaming too!
  • Racing style captain's seat that reclines for maximum comfort.
  • Heavy-duty steel-frame that provides stability and durability.
  • Standard triple-monitor mount that produces panoramic views and a realistic experience.

Versatile Design

  • Articulating tray table designed to easily attach peripherals such as yokes, flight sticks, racing wheels, and accessories with pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • Removable center tray that can securely hold a joystick.
  • Side tray designed to hold a throttle quadrant, trim wheel, mouse, or other accessories.
  • Articulating foot pedal tray that supports a variety of pedals.

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

Removable Joystick Tray

Removable Joystick Tray

Adjustable Quadrant Tray

Adjustable Quadrant Tray



  • Learn quickly and economically by eliminating distractions
  • Mimic your cockpit with flexible set up options
  • Develop muscle memory and stick-and-rudder skills


  • Move the classroom from the airplane to the simulator
  • Learn student strengths and weaknesses before flying each lesson
  • Tailor instruction to each individual student
  • Teach more effectively and train your students to be better pilots

Flight Schools

  • Increase student retention
  • Recruit new student pilots
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Receive predictable client expectations
  • Provide cost effective training resources



Floor space requirements depend on your configuration and monitor sizes.

  • Minimum width: 34″. Three 27″ monitors require 72″ width.
  • Length: adjustable from 55″ to 72″
  • Minimum height: 47″ from floor to top of seat.

Monitor Mounts

Monitor mounts are designed with standard 75 × 75 mm and 100 × 100 mm square hole patterns for M4 screw attachments to mount your display. This style mount is commonly found on computer monitors and TV screens weighing up to 30 lbs. We recommend monitors up to 32 inches. Universal adapter brackets are available for displays requiring nonstandard or larger brackets.

Assembly Videos

Need help putting your Gleim Virtual Cockpit™ together or attaching peripherals and accessories? Visit the assembly videos page to watch how it's done. 

Fully Integrated Training

Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course

The X-Plane Flight Training Course develops remarkable proficiency by integrating flight lessons from the FAA-Approved Gleim Pilot Training Syllabus with the ultra-realistic X-Plane flight simulator.

Student pilots using the X-Plane Flight Training Course are better prepared for flight training than ever before. Gain first-hand experience while removing the uneasiness of unfamiliar in-flight situations. Practice all flight maneuvers for about the cost of 1 hour of dual instruction and aircraft rental.

Practical Simulator Use as a Training Aid

At EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, Gleim Aviation and X-Plane presented Practical Simulator Use as a Training Aid at the National Association of Flight Instructor's Professional Development Center. The presentation provides a brief history of the use of simulators as a flight training aid, then we explain the various types of simulators, FAA approvals, and a review of recent (2016 and 2018) regulatory relief. Tips for using off-the-shelf desktop flight simulator software to build proficiency are discussed and several myths and misconceptions are dispelled. Finally, we demonstrate the effectiveness of using simulators for training and discuss how to build an economical flight simulator. This was a live stream presentation on July 28, 2018.

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