Gleim Virtual Cockpit® BATD

Powerful, FAA-Approved Flight Simulation

You're never grounded with Gleim!

The first and only FAA-approved simulator built with the cutting edge X-Plane 11 flight sim engine.

Use the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD to develop or maintain proficiency with flight modeling based on the most popular training aircraft in the world, the Cessna 172.

Complete your private pilot certificate or instrument rating in fewer hours

The all-in-one, plug and play system includes a high-performance PC, three 27” monitors, 24" touchscreen instrument panel, instructor operating station, Honeycomb yoke, rudder pedals, sim chassis, and more!

The system replicates popular Cessna 172 SP aircraft performance and instrument panel configurations.


“Six-pack” style analog gauges
Garmin 530 & 430 moving map GPS
STEC 55X autopilot
Audio panel

Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA)

Simulated G1000 Suite
Audio panel

Fly anywhere — Learn everything

The BATD’s global navigational database includes more than

14,000 airports
35,000 runways

33,000 instrument approaches

32,000 SIDs
25,000 STARs

The Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD is the next step in professional aviation training

Everything you need to learn to fly or teach others. 
Tour of the Gleim Virtual Cockpit® BATD components and learn the basics of using the system.

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Log Time, Build Proficiency, Maintain Currency

When used for instructional purposes, only an appropriately qualified FAA-certificated flight instructor may make any subsequent endorsements and/or pilot logbook entries. Pilot time in an ATD may be logged as instruction received, instrument time, or total time only.

Part 61

  • Aeronautical experience: Up to 2.5 hours in the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD may be credited toward your flight training if received from an authorized instructor. 14 CFR Sec. 61.109(k)(1)
  • Instrument Rating: Up to 10 hours in the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD may be credited toward your Instrument Rating. 14 CFR Sec 61.65(i)

Part 141

  • Private Pilot: Up to 15% of the training time required for your Private Pilot certificate may be credited in the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD. Appendix B to Part 141
  • Instrument Rating: Up to 25% of the instrument training time required for your Instrument Rating may be credited in the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD. Appendix C to Part 141

Instrument Currency

  • Instrument recent flight experience: Meet the requirements to act as pilot-in-command under IFR or weather conditions less than the minimums prescribed for VFR. 14 CFR 61.57 (c)
  • Fly six instrument approaches, holding procedures and tasks, and intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems to maintain IFR currency.

There is no maximum amount of time that can be logged, only a maximum that can be credited toward your certificate or rating. 

Refer to the FAA Letter of Authorization for the complete list of conditions and limitations.

BATD Benefits


  • Learn quickly and economically
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Develop muscle memory and stick-and-rudder skills


  • Learn student strengths and weaknesses before flight
  • Tailor instruction to each individual student
  • Teach more effectively and train your students to be better pilots

Flight Schools

  • Increase student retention
  • Recruit new student pilots
  • Provide cost effective training resources

Designed by Pilots for Pilots

An airplane isn’t the best classroom. Noisy, compact, busy—it’s easy for students to become overwhelmed with new information. Mastering aeronautical knowledge and honing your technique in a simulator reduces flight training time and maximizes the time you spend in your airplane.

Build VFR and IFR proficiency

The Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD delivers the ultimate immersive experience, and the Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course includes every private pilot flight lesson from our FAA-approved syllabus.

Instructor Operating Station

The BATD includes a dedicated terminal for an instructor. Easily manipulate weather, location, system failures, and more! Detailed aircraft telemetry and engine analytics can be viewed in real time, or you can record flight data for review and analysis.  

Purpose Built

  • Interactive touchscreen instrument panel.
  • Independent instructor operating station.
  • Panoramic triple-display produces clear, realistic 180° views.
  • All-in-one chassis ergonomically designed for flight simulation.
  • Height-adjustable, heavy duty steel frame.
  • Comfortable racing style captain's seat.


  • Width: 72″ (plus instructor station)
  • Length: Adjustable from 55″ to 72″ (seat position)
  • Height: 47″ from floor to top of seat



Watch us put together the Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD.

Practical Simulator Use as a Training Aid

Gleim Aviation and X-Plane presented for the National Association of Flight Instructor's Professional Development Center at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, on July 28, 2018.

  • Learn an abridged history of the use of simulators as a flight training aid, about the various types of simulators, and what FAA approval means.
  • See how effective simulators can be for training and what it takes to build an economical flight simulator.
  • Get tips for using off-the-shelf flight simulator software to build proficiency.
  • Dispel several common myths and misconceptions about simulators.


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