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Gleim Aviation Publishes Remote Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Prep Book

News > Gleim Aviation Publishes Remote Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Prep Book

GAINESVILLE, FL. – Less than a year after Gleim Aviation launched the Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep Online course for pilots of unmanned aircraft, a book complementing the online course is off the presses.

Gleim Aviation Marketing Specialist and Flight Instructor, Paul Duty said the Remote Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Prep book has been requested by many people who have used Gleim’s Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep Online and many others who simply want a book in print.

“Nearly all manned-aircraft pilots are already familiar with our products affectionately known as “the red books,” Duty said. “Pilots transitioning to unmanned aircraft have been especially vocal to request a printed training manual, and the book is very beneficial to many schools and higher education programs,” Duty said about the 272-page text.

The Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep Online was created in response to the FAA’s Part 107 small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS or “drones”) rule which went into effect August 29, 2016 formalizing the first operational rules for routine commercial sUAS operations.

Under the rule, a person actually operating a drone for commercial operations must be at least 16 years old and have a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating, or be directly supervised by someone with such a certificate.

The remote pilot certificate allows pilots to fly drones for hire and get paid. There are countless opportunities for drone pilots which include: aerial photography and video, real estate, construction, engineering, surveying, agricultural, disaster relief, inspections, search and rescue, wildlife risk mitigation, and research. There are opportunities to integrate drones into virtually any industry.

The study guides provide everything needed to pass the certification tests while training pilots to fully grasp the concepts for safely operating drones in the national airspace system.

The Gleim FAA Test Prep Online adds interactive testing and training. An eBook is available to study the course, while customizable study sessions and practice tests help students master the FAA exam, Duty said.

“The book makes it easier for students to study anywhere, even offline, while keeping a comprehensive text reference as a valuable resource to refer back to. The new book is easy to read and understand with nine study units that cover all of the material in easy-to-absorb blocks of information,” Duty said. “All of our remote pilot training materials are typical of the Gleim Aviation ‘no-nonsense’ approach to aviation training.”

According to Duty, it is crucial to avoid the memorization marathon that others promote. The questions on the exam are similar to those in the study material; however, some variation is likely. “Anyone studying to be any type of pilot should fully learn the course, operate legally, and make informed decisions as pilot in command. We are passionate about aviation training and safety. That’s why we’ve opened up the entire first study unit in the online test prep so anyone can learn about regulations and practice the associated study questions for free.”

The book, authored by veteran instructors Dr. Irvin Gleim and Garrett Gleim, with contributions by Paul Duty and Char Gregg serves remote pilot applicants and aviation educators including flight instructors, ground instructors, and professors, plus anyone with an interest in remote pilot certification, or flying unmanned aircraft.

The new text is available for $19.95 through www.gleimaviation.com/drones or by calling 800.874.5346 ext. 471.

A Remote Pilot Training Kit is also available for $99.95 to provide savings on a convenient bundled set with additional resources including the new Remote Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Prep book, Aviation Weather and Weather Services book, a flight bag, and access to the Remote Pilot FAA Test Prep Online.

About Gleim Aviation

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