As the effort to contain the COVID-19 virus continues, Gleim is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees, candidates, and communities around the world.

During this time, many aviators are finding themselves with more time to study, and many are concerned they won’t be able to reach out to their mentors, colleagues, and support personnel for help.

We are fully prepared to continue supporting our students and aviation professionals with the same level of customer service we have always provided. We are confident your studies will continue with minimal to no interruptions. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

To express our commitment, Gleim has expanded our library of FREE and low-cost online courses.

UPDATE: May 4, 2020 - The FAA issued a Special Federal Aviation Regulation titled “Relief for Certain Persons and Operations during the COVID 19 Outbreak.” The relief extends the expiration dates of certain types of certificate and operating privileges for airman and part 141 flight schools.

Visit the Gleim COVID SFAR web page to access the official FAA documentation and watch a video summarizing the relief.

CFI and IA Refresher Courses

CFI and IA Professionals: We understand that access to some types of training and renewal processes may be limited, and you may have been impacted by a reduction in work, so we're making it easier to complete your Flight Instructor and IA refresher courses online.

  • CFIs: Free Paperless processing. No need to travel.
  • IAs: Free upgrade to unlimited access to take advantage of additional training.